2.2: Commanders Log

As announced at Lavecon 2016 Frontier will introduce a new journal feed in 2.2 that will allow 3rd party developers to create a ‘Commanders log’ for any participating players. On the 20th July, Zac Antonaci posted some more information on the official forum,

“To do this we have two downloadable links. One has a manual, explaining how the journal works. The other is a small set of data to get you started.

More data can be compiled later but we felt it was best to get the first set of info out so people can begin understanding the functionality of the Commanders Log.

What’s more, the very amazing Howard Chalkley (who is far more intelligent than I) will be on hand in this thread to answer any questions that you have regarding the journal.

As always, post on this thread and feel free to get in touch directly with any questions, concerns or recommendations.”

  • Link to the Manual: HERE
  • Link to the Data sample: HERE


Additionally the manual contains a few interesting snippets of information that feeds back into proposed upcoming content. These have been added to the Horizons: Preview Information post.

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