Ship Delivery – The Results!

As you may know by now there has been a fairly heated debate going on in the community regarding whether to make the delivery of ships an instant or time delayed feature. You can read Sandro Sammarco’s comments in the original post, here. On Monday evening the results came in and saw the following result:

Votes: 39,902

Delay: 70% 

Instant: 30%

As a result there will be a delay when ordering your ship to be transported from one station, to your current one. Frontier are hoping that this will still be included in the 2.2 update, but as per Sandro’s comments below, it’s possible they may arrive in between the 2.2 and 2.3 release.

“We’re still pushing ahead to try and get ship transfer in for 2.2, we just don’t want to guarantee it, just in case. At a guess (i.e. not to taken as the ultimate fact) if it doesn’t hit 2.2 beta, it would hopefully drop in before 2.3.”

The final delivery times have not been nailed down and could be slightly shorter,

“We’ll be finessing the final times, which might end up being a little shorter (we wanted to be as extreme as possible in the poll to make the potential consequence as clear as possible), but it will likely be in the same ball park, as these times will represent bulk freighter transport, which is not fast.”

Sandro also suggested that it is possible that the ships transporting ships around the galaxy could be seen in game at some point.

“…it would be cool to have visual representations of these in the future (no ETA, no guarantee).”

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