Horizons 1.7/2.2 – Beta Date

Frontier confirmed via their newsletter on the 16th September that the Beta for 1.7/2.2 – The Guardians will be available to anyone with Beta access from Tuesday, 20th September 2016. You can read the full announcement below.

Note: Beta does not affect your regular saved game. It is a snapshot of the universe at a certain point in time. Once it’s over your regular save will continue unaffected.

“We’re thrilled to let you know that you’ll be jumping in your ship-launched fighters, taking on passenger missions, piloting the Beluga liner and experiencing the rest of the amazing list of features coming to 2.2 The Guardians this coming Tuesday 20th September.

“If you’ve got the PC exclusive beta access already you’ll be able to download the beta and select it from the launcher menu as you usually would, and for those who haven’t already taken advantage of beta access, we have some good news.

“If you already own horizons, or buy it now, you’ll be able to pick up beta access from the store for only £6.99 you will get beta access for 2.2, and all future updates in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions. With Passenger gameplay, the Beluga Liner, ship transfer, new station interiors, route plotter improvements, and many quality of life improvements in 2.2 alone, now is a great time to get playing the beta and contribute to the future of the Elite Dangerous galaxy.”

If you want to know more about what is expected in the 1.7/2.2 Guardians release, please see here.