Horizons 2.2 – Beta 5

The Frontier Beta train rolls ever onwards, with the 5th October seeing Beta 5 released. Yet again there’s an impressively large number of fixes, changes and additions. You can see the patch notes here, with a few of the highlights below. Mark Allen, Programmer at Frontier has confirmed there will be at least one more Beta release.

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Cleaned up some of the messaging being used when jumping to a system. We now only show the abort message when the destination is potentially dangerous (currently, when in anarchy).
  • By popular request – added the destination star’s class type to the info panel message upon initiating a jump.
  • Removed black bar from station services wait banner.


  • Added new passenger modules for various sizes and tweaked capacity numbers for all of them as well.
  • Balance pass on passenger mission rewards.
  • Balance pass on passenger mission reputation, influence, and state changes.


  • Have more varied states of geological activity.
  • Re balanced geyser, gas vent and lava spout forces.
  • Modifications to which geological can spawn where based on the volcanism types.
  • Fixed broken Geyser forces.
  • Removing Lava and fumaroles from Ice only planets at (sic) this is scientifically inaccurate.


  • Module transfers with delivery times added