Upcoming Changes – 2.2 Update

On the 21st November Sandro Sammarco posted on the official forum that,

“The next release we’re currently working towards is a 2.2 update which will be arriving soon, along with a short beta.

“We wanted to take the time to discuss the changes we’re making to give you folk a heads up, and explain our thinking a little. We’ve separated the various changes out into their own posts to keep the feedback channel nice and clean. Mark and I will hopefully be able to jump in to answer follow up questions.

“So have a read and feel free to discuss in the threads, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.”

“Full patch notes on other related changes will be available nearer the time.”

The changes are very extensive and cross three different and important parts of the game, so click the links below for a full rundown on the proposals.If you want to read follow up comments by Sandro and Mike, you can read them via the Dev Tracker.



Engineers Blueprints