News: Engineer Storage

On the 24th November Sandro Sammarco posted on the official forum about the situation regarding Engineer crafting. You can see the original post, here.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback requesting cargo storage, specifically for engineer commodities. We’re investigating a few options, and we’d love to get your feedback before we make a final decision, so I’m posting this thread to gather your thoughts.

“To clarify, the issue at hand is that many blueprints require one or more units of a special crafting commodity, gathered from in various activities, which means you have to have cargo space available when you want to craft upgrades for your modules.

“This forces any player interested in crafting to A) always fly with a ship that has cargo space, and B) have an amount of that cargo space committed to carrying crafting commodities.

“Our plan was to introduce crafting commodity storage, which would allow you to collect and store crafting commodities at Engineer bases for use in crafting at a later date. This would mean that you would only need to fly a cargo-capable ship when you were actively engaged in collecting the commodities, and could store up commodities to allow for multiple crafting attempts in one sitting.

“However, examining the current schedule, it’s looking like this feature will not come online in the time frame we’d like, so we are considering our options:

“A. Wait it out and get crafting commodity storage at a later date.

“B. Temporarily remove crafting commodities from blueprints until crafting commodity storage comes online.

C. Temporarily allow various starport markets, potentially even Engineer markets, to sell crafting commodities until crafting commodity storage comes online.

“Our current thoughts are to go for option B, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this choice, so feel free to discuss in the thread and let us know which option you’d prefer, and why.”