Upcoming Beta – 2.2.03

During the Elite: Dangerous stream Frontier announced the on afternoon/evening of Wednesday, 7th December that they would be releasing a Beta for 2.2.03. This gives a chance to continue from previous beta in having more time to make changes to important areas of the game. It will be available to people with previous Horizons Beta access and will affect Engineers, combat and Powerplay. It will then go live at the start of 2017. Frontier have asked players in particular to look at the following:

Day One: The save will be a recent once from last week. Frontier are wanting players check saves and updates including all their engineer upgrades. Marco Gwent will have access to all blueprints at fish prices.

Day Two: Re-setting your save will put you in Marco Gwent’s base with a reset save and a million credits. Frontier hope there’s lots of experimentation with ships and load outs to discover any issues, and what works and what doesn’t.

Importantly – All commodities will be removed for Engineer blueprints. Commodities will stay in the game as high value mission rewards, but wont be needed to craft engineers modules. This will go live after this beta has finished, not exact time. Cargo storage will not be coming “any time soon” due to scheduling reasons.

Official Forum thread on this here.

Bug Report Forum here.

Beta Feedback Forum here.

A few other items of note:

Exquisite Focus Crystals – the bug for this issue has been tracked down and should be fixed for the upcoming beta.

Larger Data Storage – Larger data storage has not been ruled out, Frontier will see how removal of commodities goes first.

More blueprint varieties – More specialised discovery scanners, sensors and utliity hard points are on the cards. There is also likely be some mining upgrades blueprints although this might not make it into 2.3.

Server Issues – Frontier realise this is an issue and despite the limitations of the networking are working hard to iron out some ongoing issues.

Please watch the live stream for other information, there were a lot of items of interest that time won’t allow to be included here.