Beta 2.2.03 – Mission Updates

On the 9th December Adam Waite of Frontier announced the following changes to missions, which should now be live in the Beta patch. You can follow the thread here.

Below are a list of changes that should be live in the beta:

  • Mission rewards should be better balanced with increases to smuggle and delivery in particular
  • Mission spawning should be better with a fairer split between the mission board and passenger lounge
  • Reduced mission generation failure (where you see error messages when trying to load the board)
  • Passenger missions should correctly award exploration elite rank points

Finally I would like to start a discussion about the topic of the skimmer massacre missions. For those who don’t know the issue here is that if you can get missions that go to the same location killing a single skimmer will iterate the counters for all active missions related to that location. Unfortunately this issue is not easily solved and leaves us with only three practical options to balance these missions.

  1. Remove the mission entirely
  2. Reduce the rewards for this mission
  3. Prevent players from being able to have more than a few of this mission type active at any one time
  4. A combination of 2 and 3
  5. 3 but with slightly increased payouts