Beta 2.2.03 – Changes

Some other updates as per the announcement by Sandro Sammarco on the 12th December.

Hello Commanders!

We have a few more tweaks that will be dropping into a future beta update that we’d like you to test and give feedback for.

We’ve rated these less controversial, so we’re expecting them to stick once beta ends – unless of course the feedback from you folk throws up issues.

If this does happen, don’t worry, we’re equally at home rolling them back.

Shield regeneration speed increase
We’re going to increase the speed at which shields regenerate.

The largest shields, size 8, will gain the most benefit (x2 regeneration when broken), whilst the smallest, size 1, will see no gain. The benefit scales linearly for the rest of the shields.
The regeneration effect will be more pronounced on shields that are already formed. It’s worth remembering that shields still cannot regenerate for a few moments after taking damage.
As a side effect, regenerating shields will generate more ship heat, though not by a very significant amount.

Bi-weave regeneration increase
We’re also buffing up the regeneration boost that bi-weave shields have. These shields have improved active regeneration rates, but seeing how small the actual rates are (even with the buff above), we feel they weren’t quite as competitive as they should be.

We think these shield changes are positives in of themselves. However, they also support a more experimental change to shields that we’ll be discussing in a separate post.

Trader hull health increase
We feel that traders are too weak.

They’re never going to be combat beasts thanks to their limited hardpoints and manoeuvrability, but that doesn’t mean they should boil up *quite* so quickly.

So we’re doubling the hull health of the following ships: Hauler, Type 6, Keelback, Type 7, Type 9 Heavy.

We were considering a larger increase, but we figure it would be good to get some feedback from you folk – although this isn’t in our opinion a controversial tweak, it’s the corner cases we need looking at from all angles.

Military ship slots
We’ve mentioned this concept a while ago and it grew on us, so we’re going to test it out.

We’re adding some special “military” slots to a subset of ships.

These slots are additions, so no ship will lose anything. However, the only modules that these slots will accept are hull reinforcement, module reinforcement and shield cell banks.
The concept here is to increase choice for the more combat oriented ships, without awarding the same benefit to multipurpose vessels that already have a slew of advantages.
It’s not all roses though. Remember, additional modules means extra mass and potentially higher power draw.

The following ships will benefit from additional military slots:

Eagle: 1x size 2
Imperial Eagle: 1x size 2
Viper Mk III: 2x size 3
Viper Mk IV: 2x size 3
Vulture: 2x size 5
Federal Dropship: 3x size 4
Federal Gunship 3x size 4
Federal Assault ship: 3x size 4
Anaconda: 2x size 5
Imperial Cutter: 3x size 5
Federal Corvette 3x size5

Whilst we can already hear the deluge of “ship X has too many/too few/where is ship X!” posts, we’re really interested in how these changes feel to the ships that have them, in the beta (we still know you’re going to make the other posts anyway ).

Final notes: the FDL is not on this list for a reason. We don’t believe it needs the help military slots provide and it’s not used by any authority or military force.

Also, it could be argued that the three large ships don’t need the additional defence. The reason they are testing them is because of the shield changes that we’re going to discuss in the separate post.

Cytoscrambler strength increase
For those who can get it, we’ve increased the damage output of this weapon. It should now be competitive at shield stripping, even against medium/large size weapons.

We’ve also increased its range, up to 1km, and increased the damage fall off to start at 600m (it was previously starting to drop at 300m).

Go, go Archon, you bad, bad man!

OK, that’s all for now. We look forward to your observations, comments and suggestions!