Beta 2.3 – Update #2

The good news is the Beta will go live today (soon!), the not so good news is that due to some ongoing issues with Multi-crew it will be disabled until those issues are sorted out. See the full text from Ed Lewis below or here.

“Hey everyone,

“First of all, I’d just like to say a huge thank you for your patience and understanding while the team continue to investigate a related set of issues with Multicrew in the 2.3 beta. We know that you’re all eager to get your hands on the new content, some of you asking for the patch notes to quench your thirst for juicy details.

“Unfortunately, this will require an extended period of time to investigate, fix and verify before we are able to make them live.

“In order to avoid keeping you waiting for the rest of the beta, the server wizards have been able to disable the Multicrew feature from the build meaning that we can make it live (without Multicrew) imminently. This will allow you to begin playing and testing all the other content today.

“Multicrew will still be making its way to the beta, we’ll keep you updated with news and information as soon as we can. The development team will continue their hard work and we’re expecting to have more news on Multicrew next week.

“We’re sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Once again, thank you for your patience, understanding and support.”

Beta 2.3 – Update

A quick update for those not following the posts on the official forum courtesy of Brett.

“Unfortunately, when our QA team was doing checks, they came across a fair few bugs. These bugs, once all added together would be a hindrance to being able to test the 2.3 beta. In turn, you guys would have a very unfun, unstable game play time on the beta.

“We want the game to be stable, and unfortunately, that wouldn’t have been the case for a release today or last week.

“Please note that we’ve heavily modified how the games netcode functions here, that’s a lot of code changed at the core.”


“I’m fairly sure this week will be the week for 2.3 beta to be released.

“Ideally (key word there), if internal testing goes well and the build doesn’t explode into a million segmentation faults… tomorrow – which is Tuesday, will be the day.

“But please, don’t go taking time off work or studies for a game. There’s no rush or need to be first onto PTS. Save that stuff for when the game is released to live – not PTS.”

Updates as and when they come in.

Beta 2.3 – Delayed

As announced by Frontier at 5.36pm this evening the Beta has unfortunately been delayed once more. As Ed Lewis said here,

Hi everyone,

Despite our best efforts, unfortunately the 2.3 beta won’t be available today. We’re working hard to get it ready as soon as possible, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

Sorry for any inconvenience… I’ll keep you posted. You’ll have new information as soon as we can get it to you (more info likely first thing tomorrow).

Thanks again for your continued patience.


NASA + Stellar Forge = Win!

As you may have heard NASA recently discovered 7 exoplanets orbiting a star some 40 light-years from Earth. Today David Braben made a post on the official forum not only about how the ED galaxy would be modified to fit this discovery in, but how the game’s own galaxy simulator, the Stellar Forge, came uncannily close to predicting its location and existence.

“The recent announcement of the discovery of the Trappist 1 system is exciting. The star, an M8 dwarf red star is right at the bottom end of the M class stars, so faint it is only just visible in the most powerful telescopes, and doesn’t feature in most star catalogues for this reason. Luckily, though, the system is almost exactly ‘edge on’ from our viewpoint – which means it is possible to ‘see’ the planets as they occlude the tiny star, and an incredible seven terrestrial planets have been spotted around the star by this technique, three of them in the ‘habitable zone’.

“Even with Hubble, the fainter M class red stars are only just visible at 40 light years, which is why Trappist 1 is not in most of the star catalogues. Beyond this distance we can see ever fewer M class stars – particularly the fainter ones like this M8 – and it is where our procedural generation begins to kick in – supplementing the brighter, more visible stars.

“The way Stellar Forge works is to use ‘available mass’ from which to generate systems – and because of this unaccounted mass, Stellar Forge has created a system with a Brown Dwarf in very nearly the same place – 39 light years away – this is only a little smaller than an M8 – and it even has seven terrestrial worlds around it – Core Sys Sector XU-P A5-0.

“Interestingly the system that came out of Stellar Forge has a couple of moons, and a couple of co-orbiting binary pairs – these things would not (yet) be detected in the occlusion technique, as this is simply detecting the darkening of the stellar disc, but who knows, this might be possible.

“Because of this we have tweaked Stellar Forge with the data from the recent discoveries so that the planets are now the same – and we have renamed it Trappist 1 – but the great thing is it is only a small tweak! We may still add a few moons back in, and this should go live in beta 2, and will of course be in 2.3 when it goes live to everyone.”

David Braben