Beta 2.3 – Update

A quick update for those not following the posts on the official forum courtesy of Brett.

“Unfortunately, when our QA team was doing checks, they came across a fair few bugs. These bugs, once all added together would be a hindrance to being able to test the 2.3 beta. In turn, you guys would have a very unfun, unstable game play time on the beta.

“We want the game to be stable, and unfortunately, that wouldn’t have been the case for a release today or last week.

“Please note that we’ve heavily modified how the games netcode functions here, that’s a lot of code changed at the core.”


“I’m fairly sure this week will be the week for 2.3 beta to be released.

“Ideally (key word there), if internal testing goes well and the build doesn’t explode into a million segmentation faults… tomorrow – which is Tuesday, will be the day.

“But please, don’t go taking time off work or studies for a game. There’s no rush or need to be first onto PTS. Save that stuff for when the game is released to live – not PTS.”

Updates as and when they come in.