Combat Community Goals

Frontier have announced that they are testing the linking of combat community goals in the latest beta. This is an interesting modification of the CG mechanic and will hopefully spread to other professions in the game, outside combat.

According to Steve Kirby it will mean that…

“…when one side completes the CG’s top tier the other losing CG will end automatically. Both sides should gain the credits and reputation rewards based on the tier achieved.”


System: Wyrd
Station: Vonarburg Co-operative
Objective: Deliver Combat Bonds
Time Limit: 10th March 3303 @ 15:00 UTC


Tensions boil over in Wyrd

Tensions are mounting across the galaxy with superpowers building more weapons and ships in recent months. In the Wyrd system these tension have boiled over into all out war between The Traditional Wyrd Justice Party and The Wyrd Raiders factions.

The Traditional Wyrd Justice Party are claiming that the Wyrd Raiders are amassing weapons in systems that border their space and their presence in systems like Wyrd present a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the Justice Party. A spokesperson for the faction made the following comment:

“This is an unprovoked act of aggression and we will not sit by and wait for these Wyrd Raiders to steam roller over every system along our borders, threatening our freedom and that of the people under our control. We will defend our borders and the freedom of Wyrd from these war mongers by bringing them under the protection of the Traditional Wyrd Justice Party.”

While the Wyrd Raiders claim that the Traditional Wyrd Justice Party are mistreating the populations under their influecence and their control of systems like Wyrd needs to be ended. A spokesperson for the faction made the following comment:

“We can no longer sit by and watch as the so called Traditional Wyrd Justice Party enslaves and mistreats its own people, they talk about freedom while crushing the people under their control. We will fight for the freedom of Wyrd from these duplicitous dictators and bringing the people under the protection of the Wyrd Raiders.”

The campaign begins on the 8th of March 3303 and will run for two days. Pilots who support the operation will be generously reimbursed.


To earn rewards you must sign up as an active participant before delivering Combat Bonds to Vonarburg Co-operative in the Wyrd system. Only Combat Bonds delivered after signing up will count toward your personal contribution total.

The campaign is scheduled to run for two days, but if one side takes victory before then, the campaign will end immediately for both sides.

Please note that if you have any NPC crew members, a proportion of your combat bonds will be automatically assigned to them. These combat bonds will not count towards your personal contribution total, and your NPC crew will receive the reward for these combat bonds when they are handed in. The proportion of combat bonds assigned to your NPC crew will depend on their rank.

In Multicrew: Only the helm role will gain combat bonds that can be handed in as a contribution. All crew members are awarded credits and combat rank instead of bonds at the end of the session.

Be aware that faction-state changes, UA bombing and other disruptive events can negatively impact markets and station services, and could prevent the initiative from running smoothly.”

This is currently being tested in the latest Beta in the Wyrd system. You can read more about it, here.