The Return: 1.9 & 2.4

Updated: 26th June 2017

Note: Whilst other information on here is to some degree a spoiler, I’ve taken the decision not to release information unless it comes from Frontier directly. If you want a 100% genuine experience however, don’t read past the next paragraph.

The 1.9 & 2.4 update will be the final release in the Horizons season of Elite: Dangerous. On the 13th June 2017 Frontier announced that the 2.4 update will feature the return of the Thargoids. The release date will fall between July and September 2017. You can see the short promotion trailer for it below. Details will be added to this page when appropriate.

Frontier have commented,

“The Return will play out differently to previous releases in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, with content and story beats affecting all Commanders releasing in the months following its initial release.

“As a story-centric update, showing too much ahead of time would spoil the surprise and make for a lesser experience for the community. We want The Return to surprise and shock you as much as possible, but that said, you can expect for further reveals and information about the future of Elite at various community and gaming events throughout the year, such as the upcoming Lavecon.

“David Braben talks about the history of the Thargoids, and about how 2.4 The Return will unfold, in the video we posted to our YouTube account:”

David Braben did a short piece to camera about the Thargoids and their history. You can see this below.

During E3 Frontier showed some video to members of the gaming press. You can read a report on that here – warning it does of course contain spoilers. The Official Frontier twitter account has posted this teaser:

“We’re slightly confused but enthralled by this amazing shot from @TheYamics. What do you reckon this is, Commanders?”


At Lavecon 2017 Frontier announced a few new updates coming with 2.4. These can be seen below:

  • ‘A suite of weapons, modules and devices’ that will be used against the Thargoids:

  • Repair limpets for hull (to be used on yourself or other ships):

  • UI improvements for the inbox:

  • New synthesis recipes, including Limpet synthesis.
  • Improvements to salvageable wreckage and occupied cryopods:

Changes to Crime & Punishment:

  • Fix for Sidewinder exploit (when you do crimes in larger ships, switch to a Sidewinder and die in order to avoid a large rebuy and removing bounties on your head). So the game will look at the most expensive rebuy cost for the ship that was used during the crimes you committed, and it will add that rebuy cost as an additional penalty.
  • Federation bounties – If you attack a Player (not NPC) you also get a Pilots Federation Bounty, in addition to any normal bounty, which is valued everywhere.
  • Pay-off rebuy costs and fines with other ships – wherever you have them.