Player Submitted Community Goals

Frontier will be re-opening CG submission process on the 29th May (TBC). Submissions won’t be via the forums, but by a form with templates to fill out via the website. In the future this form could be implemented into the Frontier website, but at the moment it will be via Google documents. Frontier will then look at submissions by types of submission to select ones that they want to implement. There are no new types at the moment, but with some of the mechanics being re-visited in Q4 they will be looking at improving exploration CG’s. They are hoping to do one or two a month. Player run community events will continually to be run separately. Only successful CG applications will be contacted about their submission being accepted. If you wish to see details about how to fill in the form, and further details you can watch it by clicking the link, here. Further information will appear on the Frontier forum shortly.