Premium Paid Content

Updated: 31st August 2018

Frontier’s long-term plan has included releasing specific paid for content at various points of Elite’s Development. Back in 2015 this included the release of Horizons and the first instalment of planetary landings.

Frontier’s Head of Communications, Zac Antonaci, commented after Expo 2017,

“In addition to all the content talked about at Frontier Expo, we also have some pretty cool things in the works which will be available to purchase. We’re not ready to talk about them just yet so we can’t give you any details but rest assured that the lifetime expansion pass owners will be looked after and will be getting their hands on premium content as part of their lifetime expansion pass before the end of 2018 and the Beyond series of updates.”

In the live stream during the release of Chapter 3, Ed Lewis replied to a question about premium content by saying,

“Nothing to talk about right now about that…but I do think it’s something that it is important (and) we should talk about soon and discuss with you guys as fast as possible.”

Then on the 31st August Frontier made the below announcement regarding Premium Content, which was part of a wider update which you can (and should read for full context) here.

As many of you will know, we previously mentioned that premium (paid for) content would also be coming within the Beyond season of updates and that Lifetime Expansion Pass holders would be getting this for free. However, as we went through the early stages of what the next era for Elite Dangerous would be, we decided that it would be better to spend that additional time on the future content, rather than bringing new types of purchasable content out this year.

This is a big positive for the long term future of the game and its content. However, we also understand that there are people with Lifetime Expansion Passes who haven’t received paid for content in this season, because Beyond has been free to all owners of Horizons. We truly appreciate the support and commitment that those owners put in us when they purchased the LEP and we will be making sure that there is a form of free store content going out to them by the end of this year.