Beyond: 3.0 – An Overview

Updated: 18th February 2019

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Elite Dangerous: Beyond is a year long series of free updates for owners of both the Elite: Dangerous original release and the Horizons expansion. Released content will be available depending on which version of the game you own. Frontier has said that these updates will concentrate on core improvements to existing gameplay, adding new content, improving the games narrative, as well as introducing a few new features and tech changes.

Chapter 1 was released on the 27th February 2018 with Chapter 2 following on the 28th June 2018. Chapter 3 (another relatively small updates) was released on the 28th August, before the largest Quarter 4 update appeared on the 11th December 2018. 

> Beyond: Chapter 1

>  Released: 27th February 2018

The first free upgrade saw improvements to Engineering, Crime & Punishment, mission rewards and trade data. It also features the addition of the Chieftain ship as well as multi-player Wing Missions, planetary visual improvements and GalNet audio. A short promo trailer was can be seen below. For the full rundown click here: Beyond: Chapter 1

> Beyond: Chapter 2

> Release Date: 28th June 2018

On the 31st May 2018 Frontier announced the release details for Chapter Two of the Beyond series as well as a short teaser trailer and a brief summary of the contents including a new Alliance Challenger ship, a range of new wing missions, further installation interactions, tech broker changes and changes to Thargoid Scout ships.

For the full rundown click here: Beyond: Chapter 2

> Beyond: Chapter 3

> Release Date:  28th August 2018

On the 23rd August 2018 Frontier announced the content of Chapter 3 of the free Beyond series of updates. This included flyable Guardian tech-based Ship Launched Fighters, the new Crusader ship, new planetary wing missions as well as more weapons, Engineers in Colonia, puzzles and settlements to find. Below is a short teaser trailer.

For the full rundown click here: Beyond: Chapter 3.

> Beyond: Chapter 4

> Released: 11th December 2018

Chapter 4 of the Beyond series is the largest of the updates and is due for release on the 11th December 2018. It features updates to mining, exploring, new ships, planetary lighting, background simulation updates, npc voicing and cockpit interface changes. It also includes the introduction of two new features, Squadrons and Scenarios.

For the full rundown click here: Beyond: Chapter 4.