Beyond: Chapter Two

Released: 28th June 2018

Beyond: Chapters 2 is a free update to any player owning the Horizon expansion. It  was released on the 28th June 2018. Both this and Chapter 3 will be considerably smaller than both the Q1 and Q4 updates in size. Neither of them will have a Beta period.

You can see the can see the initial brief promo trailer here as well as the official launch trailer and one for Commander Chronicles showing the Krait.


The Alliance Challenger

The Alliance continue to refine their warships in the face of the looming Thargoid threat. The Alliance Challenger, envisaged as a front line combat vessel, has stronger armour than its Chieftain counterpart and will be able to soak up a significant amount of punishment. The Challenger is a mid-size ship and will be available to all players as it has no rank lock. It has 1 large, 3 medium and 3 small hard-points along with 4 utility slots). It also comes with a multi-crew seat and will cost approximately 26 to 30 million credits.


Manufacturer Lakon Spaceways
Type Combat
Top Speed 204 m/s
Boost Speed 316 m/s
Manoeuvrability 4
Shields 208 MJ
Armour 540
Cargo Capacity 40 t
Fuel Capacity 16 t
Landing Pad Size Medium
Hardpoints 4x Utility Mounts
3x Small Hardpoints
3x Medium Hardpoints
1x Large Hardpoint
Internals 2x Size 2 Compartments
2x Size 3 Compartments
2x Size 6 Compartments
3x Size 4 Military Compartments


The Krait Mk II

This classic Elite ship has been given an upgrade and has been described by Ian Dingwall and  Barry Clark of Frontier as follows,

“You might think of the Krait Mk II as analogous to modern updates of the real-world Mini Cooper or Volkswagen Beetle,” narrative lead Ian Dingwall tells us. “It’s a re-imagining of a classic that connects conceptually and aesthetically with the ship from 1984s Elite, while offering enough innovation and quality to compete with contemporary rivals in Elite Dangerous. While the Mk II embodies the essence of the original, it’s very much its own ship.”

Barry Clark, Elite’s senior designer commented that the ship will go tow-to-tow with the Python which,

“Currently occupies a unique place among our ship roster and is very popular among players […] the idea of a low-profile ship for Commanders flying dubious cargo was really cool to us, too.

“The Krait is a great all-round ship with a strong hull, powerful engines – which look super-cool – and a great load-out. It’s also less ‘conspicuous’, meaning it’s less likely to get scanned by the police compared to other ships of that size and class. It has significant straight line speed and power, as well as enough firepower to match the Python thanks to three large and two medium hardpoints. It has a really nice punch against a variety of ship types and sizes.”

The Krait Mk II comes with  the ability to launch ship launched fighters and has two multi-crew seats.

Manufacturer Faulcon DeLacy
Type Combat Multipurpose
Top Speed 245 m/s
Boost Speed 337 m/s
Manoeuvrability 3
Shields 262 MJ
Armour 396
Hull Mass 320 t
Cargo Capacity 82 t
Fuel Capacity 32 t
Unladen Jump Range 8.59 ly
Landing Pad Size Medium
Hardpoints 4x Utility Mounts
2x Medium Hardpoints
3x Large Hardpoints
Internals 1x Size 2 Compartment
2x Size 3 Compartments
1x Size 4 Compartment
2x Size 5 Compartments
2x Size 6 Compartments

> Wing Missions

Previously introduced in Chapter One of Beyond, Frontier will be introducing a range of new mining Wing Mission types.

> Installation Interactions

In a similar fashion to the Mega-ship interactions, which were introduced in Chapter One, Commanders will now be able to scan and interact with Space Installations.

  • Scan – Scanning the installation will allow Commanders to see what they can interact with: Turrets, Comms Arrays and Cargo Bays.
  • Turret hack – Disable turrets protecting other potential hackable points. This will deactivate security measures put in place to protect the Comms Arrays and Cargo Bays.
  • Comms array – Get tradeable data from the Comms Array.
  • Cargo bay – Fire a limpet on the Cargo Bay to unlock and steal commodities and materials.
Interaction with a Medical Installation
Damaged Mega-ships will eject escape pods after being hacked with a hatch-breaker limpet.

>Tech Broker

Tech Brokers will allow commanders to unlock large weapons versions of the existing guardian tech weapons. These Tech Brokers will issue missions to collect Guardian data as well as materials and then, once delivered, will unlock certain Guardian modules of weapons for purchase. Will you turn you weapons on Thargoid or use them to pirate rival Commanders?

> Thargoids

“Thargoids continue to be an intergalactic menace! With the Alliance introducing a new ship, the Thargoids intend to up their game too, introducing new Scouts that will buff other Scouts and increase their combat efficiency.”

> Weapons

Chapter 2 will also see the introduction of three new weapons.

Large Guardian Plasma Charger
Large Guardian Shard Cannon
Large Shock Canon

> New Settlements

Some new settlements will appear in the game with some associated backstory to be discovered with their own unique law and narrative.

A new settlement
Another new settlement