Frontier Hiring – AI Vehicle Programmer

As spotted on Reddit and the official forum, Frontier have placed a job advertisement for an AI Vehicle Programmer.

“We are seeking someone with the knowledge, experience and passion to work on driver AI and the challenges of driving and navigating vehicles on complicated, rugged terrain. You will play a major role in developing new game features for planetary surfaces, taking responsibility for AI control of vehicles and working with the rest of the team to enhance gameplay.

“As part of our gameplay programming team, you will work with Frontier’s proprietary COBRA engine and the game systems that create our simulation of the whole galaxy. You will build upon the physics, driving model, navigation and networking systems to create driving AI that understands and explores the surfaces of procedurally generated planets. Working in a cross-discipline game development team you will build an understanding of how vehicle AI fits into the wider game, and help the team to enhance the game with the opportunities that vehicle AI offers.

“This is a great opportunity to work on solving new and exciting problems associated with creating AI which can navigate, drive and take part in combat over many different landscapes within a procedurally generated galaxy of over 400 billion star systems, and trillions of planetary surfaces. “