EDDI & Frontier Journal (API)

As announced by Frontier at Lavecon, Horizons 1.7/2.2 will see the introduction of the Commanders Log (aka Players Journal) into the game. The background nuts and bolts works as explained in the Journal Manual (official link here):

Elite:Dangerous writes a network log file primarily to help when investigating problems.

Third-party tools developers have been reading some of the entries in the network log file, mainly in order to track the player’s location.

There is a clear demand from players for third-party tools, and from tools developers for more information from the game and/or server api.

The new Player Journal provides a stream of information about gameplay events which can be used by tools developers to provide richer, more detailed tools to enhance the player experience. The data records written to this journal are much more high-level then that written to the network log.

One piece of software that makes use of this data is EDDI. As explained by it’s author,

“EDDI is a program that enhances your Elite experience by reacting to events within the game. Carrying out actions like jumping to a new system, buying and selling commodities, and many more will trigger voice responses. EDDI uses the Frontier companion API as well as the journal log introduced in 2.2 to obtain information and track your actions.

“EDDI also integrates with third-party systems such as EDDN, EDSM and EDDB. What this means in practice is that you not only contribute data to trade and exploration tools but you benefit from the information provided by them to give you a richer experience.”

The software also allows the use of Voice Attack ‘allowing uses to easily create their own responses to events.’ I had a play with it during the Beta (no voice attack used) and found it easy to set-up, but also lots of fun to have running. If you’re wanting extra immersion and information from the game, this is well worth checking out. You can download it from the thread on the official forum here.

Note: If you’re reading this on Guardians Release day, please note that the Frontier API was not up and running at the time of this post, so EDDI will not yet be working. When the API re-appears, it should be fine. In the meantime, here’s a few videos of it in action.