April Update: 2019 – Patch Notes

At 9:35am on the 22nd April 2019 Frontier released the patch notes for the update to be released on the 23rd April. You can see these below, or here on the official site. The patch notes will be added to the patch note section of this website in due course.

Greetings Commanders,

The Elite Dangerous servers will be offline for all platforms from tomorrow morning (23 April) for approximately 6 hours as we apply the April Update. There is a chance that this could run over, so we really appreciate your patience. As usual with these updates we’ll keep you as up to date as possible.

While the servers are down, why not join us for our launch livestream starting at 11:00 AM (UTC) tomorrow on TwitchYouTube and Mixer?

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you in the black!

Please find the full patch notes for the April Update below:


New Features

Main Menu

  • Main menu layout updated to make screens and options clearer and to allow room for descriptions
  • Added Commander details to the top right corner
  • Added a news carousel that can display GalNet headlines, store releases and/or community announcements
  • Hints/tips are displayed during the loading screen
  • Players current main ship is displayed as the background on the main menu
    • Note: this will always be your current ‘main’ ship; fighters/SRVs will not be shown

Commander Creation

  • Updated the new commander flow to make the process more informative and engaging
  • Ship selection screens now display more information on the ship, and also includes an image of the ship itself
  • Players can now choose to start in the Dromi system (in a permit-controlled area administered by the Pilots’ Federation) or in the standard package location

Pilots’ Federation District

  • The Pilots’ Federation District is a collection of systems designed to offer a regulated area for new Commanders
  • Outfitting in these systems offers a basic level of equipment, and Shipyards offer a range of entry level ships
  • Missions offered in the district are aimed at early stage players
  • These systems are also marked with a special icon in the navigation panel and galaxy map
  • Once players have gained a rank in Combat, Trade or Exploration, they are offered a ‘graduation’ mission, which directs them out of the district. If they choose to complete this mission, they cannot re-enter any of the district systems.
    • This also means current, experienced players cannot enter any of these systems

New Modules

  • Advanced Docking Computer – The Advanced Docking Computer provides cutting edge guidance control to the ship’s computer, offering a further launch option alongside the assisted docking function.
  • Supercruise Assist – The Supercruise Assist module allows the ship’s computer to regulate the approach towards a set location within the current system and to disengage the drive at the appropriate time . This module can also be used to enter orbit around a planetary body.
    • Planet side targets are excluded – instead they will engage the planetary orbit function of the computer, and Commanders will need to manually guide the ship to the ground destination
  • Added a new ‘Flight Assistance’ section to the Ship tab on the right hand panel. Here players can toggle various options on or off (if fitted with the correct modules):
    • Flight Assist
    • Auto Dock
    • Auto Launch (requires Advanced Docking Computer)
    • Rotational Correction
    • Hyperspace Dethrottle (requires the Supercruise assist module. If switched on, throttle will automatically set to zero on entry to a new system)

Navigation Tab

  • Plotted route information is now displayed along the top of the Navigation tab
  • The popup box for each entry in the Navigation tab now includes extra information (where applicable) and various quick links to other features/areas of the game:
    • Lists any activities available at the selected location, with links to the relevant pilots handbook article(s)
    • Links to system or galaxy map where appropriate
    • Highlights threat levels when the threat is higher than your combat rank (and lists if it is human or xeno)
    • Displays various data on ports or nearby systems, such as allegiance, economy, has appropriate landing pad for your ship, relationship, state, security level galactic region
    • Maintains all previous actions such as lock target, and bookmark location

Pilot’s Handbook

  • New section added to the Codex that contains articles detailing activities and features of the game:
    • Mining
    • Exploration
    • Piracy
    • Trade and Smuggling
    • Mercenary Work
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Xeno Hunting
    • Salvage and Rescure
    • Maps
    • Crime and Punishment

Training Simulation Access

  • Training simulations are now accessible from within any ship cockpit, from anywhere
    • Note: if you attempt to start a simulation whilst in danger, you will be subject to the standard 15 second delay before proceeding

Commodity Market Interface

  • Separated ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ screens, to make it clearer to the player what data they are looking at
  • Added filters
  • Added ‘Suggested’ markets to the comparisons popup, and populated it with nearby data that the player owns
    • Also added the mission icon to systems that the player has active missions in
  • The ‘Help’ button takes the player to the relevant Pilots Handbook article
  • Updated the supply and demand icons and added a description of it to the right hand side of the screen, to make it clearer to the player when to buy or sell
  • Highlight mission related and rare goods on the buy screen, with a key to icons along the bottom
  • Clarified what the comparison column is telling the player:
    • On the buy screen – the profit if selected commodity is sold at selected market/galactic average
    • On the sell screen – the profit if selected commodity is bought at selected market/galactic average, and sold at current market
    • By default the column shows the ‘Galactic Average’ until the player selects a market to compare with
  • Added local market data to the right hand side for quick comparison
  • Buy screen shows Galactic average and price per unit on right hand side and Sell screen also includes profit if sold
  • Buy/Sell popup includes more information and quick links
    • Local market data for quick comparison
      • Selecting a market takes the player to the system on the galaxy map
    • View commodity on galaxy – takes players to a filtered version of the map
  • Added more detail to the popup box when selecting any commodities in the players inventory, as well as a quick link to the galaxy map with the correct filter applied

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update includes over 800 fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process. For the sake of clarity, we have primarily listed below fixes for issues that have been reported to us by the community or other significant changes.


  • Fixed some odd AI behaviour, found in assassination missions
  • Pirate AI will now act accordingly once the player responds after they demand cargo


  • Fixed an issue that prevented discovered Ammonia worlds from being confirmed
  • Fixed not being able to open the codex whilst in planetary glide
  • Fixed the session log not displaying a DSS scan event as ‘efficient’ if the efficiency target was met

Conflict Zones

  • Fixed issue where allied ships could suddenly become hostile to the player


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when disarming a seismic charge
  • Fixed crash that could occur when launching or switching to a fighter
  • Fixed crash that could occur whilst driving an SRV
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mining in a wing
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when restocking limpets

Damage Balancing

  • Fixed an issue that was causing damage dealt by Thargons to increase in multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed issue that caused more heat damage to be applied to vessels when in a multiplayer session
  • “Drag Munitions” engineering modification now disables the victims boost function whilst it is active

Diamondback Explorer

  • Fixed an issue with the yellow computer screen in the cockpit incorrectly showing as blue

Docking Computer

  • Fixed edge case that could cause the docking computer to not be able to successfully dock the ship


  • Fixed issue that caused COVAS line ‘System Scan Completed’ to trigger multiple times incorrectly
  • Added option to invert the FSS tuning axis
  • Fixed an issue when trying to custom bind Front or Rear View toggle in DSS mode
  • Added an index number to Thargoid Barnacle sites to make easier for players to differentiate them
  • Fixed some cases where planets can appear to be fully scanned when they haven’t been

Galaxy Map

  • Fixed a star class in Lyaisae IC-U e3-253 that was displaying incorrectly on the Galaxy Map

General Ship

  • Players PIP settings are retained once they return back to their ship after switching to an SRV or fighter
  • Players can now use the keybinding to turn off ship headlights whilst using the docking computer
  • Corrected the cockpit health disparity displayed between module tab and advanced maintenance
  • Fixed an issue where a dismissed ship could end up not being able to be recalled
  • Fixed an issue where broken shields would recharge faster when dropping in and out of Supercruise
  • Fixed limpets showing in front of your ship suddenly when launching them

Player Journal Updates 

  • SDJump event – now includes “Body” info about the arrival star
  • Don’t write a spurious “FighterRebuilt” event after docking SLF back in the ship
  • ApproachSettlement” now includes body info
  • The “Loadout” event:
    • no longer includes spurious ammo stats for energy weapons
    • now includes UnladenMass and FuelCapacity info
    • now written when docking SRV back in mothership
    • now includes CargoCapacity, and MaxJumpRange
  • Module item names are now consistently lowercase
  •  Status.json:
    • include LegalState
    • includes info on nearby planet, and ‘AltFromAvgRad” flag
  • Scan: include a star’s subclass
  • Location: include DistFromStarLS
  • Add Conflicts data in FSDJump and Location
  • Include Vehicle ID for SLF/SRV (LaunchFighter, LaunchSRV, FighterRebuilt, FighterDestroyed, DockSRV, DockFighter, SRVDestroyed, CrewLaunchFighter)
  • Add info in Scan event to show if the body was previously discovered or mapped

Krait Phantom

  • Fixed reversed thruster animations when viewed from the vanity camera


  • Fixed various typos


  • Fixed ‘Optimum yield range exceeded’ warning displaying when the yield hasn’t been exceeded
  • Ensure we eject deposit chunks from asteroids perpendicular to attempt to stop chunks getting stuck inside
  • Fixed missing ‘Detonation Successful’ message
  • Tightened hitcheck around asteroid models to lessen the amount of surface deposits that don’t break off when correctly hit


  • Fixed lighting issue when returning to the cockpit from FSS mode
  • Fixed tiling effect when capturing high-res screens shots in various situations


  • Fixed incorrect message ‘AFM refill’ being displayed when using the SRV Repair recipe


  • Increased High Grade Emissions USS spawn rate

Vanity Camera

  • Fixed visual issues when the camera signal is lost


  • Ensure the mist at Thargoid sites displays correctly in both eyes
  • Fixed light flares from stars flickering in the right eye display


  • Fixed an issue that caused the remote flak launcher to continue malfunctioning even after being repaired by an Auto Field-Maintenance Unit

Welcome to the new Commanders.

There’s been an influx of at least 100k new players to the game since the Steam sale of Elite Dangerous/Horizons in the Christmas/Holiday period, so a big welcome to all the new players.

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time then you’ll find a selection of news about the games development both past and present from the menu in the top corner of the screen. You can also visit the update page to find the latest additions to to specific pages here.

If you’ve just bought the base game in the sale and you’re thinking about buying the Horizons expansion, then you can read the overview with links to each point release here.

You can find a brief rundown of all the games features, including links to the official patch notes here.

You can read about all the currently known features coming in the Beyond series of free updates, here. (Note: Frontier have said these are Horizons only).

And The Future? Well it’s probably On The List….

Enjoy, and see you in the black!


2.3: The Commanders – Release Day!

On the 11th April at 9:24am Frontier announced that the servers were down in preparation for the release of The Commanders. They will remain so until around 6:00pm (BST) this evening. Whilst you are waiting Frontier have organised a couple of events as below – click the links:

Reddit: David Braben – Ask Me Anything at 11am

Frontier: Live stream – Youtube at 2pm

Frontier Store: Buy Horizons Season Pass

Frontier Store: Nameplates

Information & Updates to this blog following today’s events

The Commanders: Preview

The Commanders: Frontier Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous: Current Features List

Elite Dangerous: Blog Updates (Following Reddit AMA)

 You can view the new trailer below.

The Commanders: 1.8 & 2.3

Updated – 19th April 2017.

The Commanders was released on the 12th April 2017 and is the third part of Horizons expansion. It follows on from the release of:

This major point release features three additions to the game: Multi-Crew, Holo-Me, a new Camera Suite. There are also numerous other additions, improvements and fixes. Please note that: + signifies Horizons content only.


Note: Images and video below are taken from Live stream and a pre-Beta/Beta build of the game.

Multi-Crew allows a team of up to 3 players players to play together and assume roles aboard the same ship or just tag along as a passenger. Frontier state that the aim of multi-crew is to allow players to team up together on their own or other vessels whilst trying to make the experience “a very friendly, drop in – drop out procedure.” This works as follows,

  • A pilot wanting to invite other players aboard their ship (up to two more players depending on the available seat numbers in the ship) can set their vessel to allow multi-crew access or actively invite other players aboard.
  • A player wanting to travel on another ship can choose a ‘looking for ship’ option which will automatically place them as crew on a suitable vessel. This will cause the player to log out of their own ship, regardless of the distance to the ship they are joining.
  • The ships owner always takes the role of the pilot and cannot swap out of it. This also includes taking control of fixed and gimballed weapons, NPC fighter pilots, power distribution, navigation and synthesis.
  • The other crew members can take on two other roles which they can swap between if they so wish. These are:


  • Allows a crew member to take control of all turreted weapons on the ship. Using a third person interface they control a reticule that all turrets within their arc will automatically follow; giving them improved spatial awareness and easy control of all turreted weapons. They also have access to two “quick slot” fire buttons, in addition to normal fire groups, that they can customise with modules, allowing them more options for activating weapons and scanners.
  • The gunner also has access to advanced sensor systems, allowing them three hundred and sixty degree tracking arcs. This lets them activate advanced scanners (such as the kill warrant scanner) and missile launchers in any direction.

Fighter Con

  • This allows a crew member launch and control a fighter, even if the helm has already launched a fighter using NPC crew. This allows multi-crew ships to have two fighters active at a time. In addition, if the ship has enough fighters, both crew members can take on the fighter con role, meaning three human controlled ships can be flying at the same time.

Additional Information

  • Each crew member has access to a power distributor pip (extra to the ones controlled by the pilot) which they can dynamically assign to allow the ship to operate more effectively in combat.
  • Ship re-buys premiums are reduced for each crew member which will hopefully lower the bar of access and ease of use – especially for expensive ships.
  • All bounties and vouchers received by the ship owner are duplicated for each crew member.
  • Any crimes that the ship suffers are also applied to each crew member.
  • A commander finishing the session for whatever reason will have the choice of taking any crimes with them or lose the credits they have earned.
  • Turreted Mining lasers would be available for those who want to mine in a multi-crew environment.
  • There is no multi-crew based SRV action available to players “at the moment”.

In order to manage all these changes there have been additions to various UI menus in the game.

Comms Panel

  • In-game avatars created by players will appear as they have been made in the Holo-Me. Holo-Me images will also appear in the friends list.
New Communication Panel UI menu

Invite Players

  • This gives three options for you planned activity: Piracy, Bounty Hunting and Mentoring along with what this will involve.

Join a ship

  • To join a ship gives a similar layout with the key exception is you will be able to see how many ships are looking for each different play-style.
Commander teleporting into position.
Commander in position aboard a multi-crew ship.
View from a multi-crew ship
New UI view from a teleported pilot.


Another view from aboard a multi-crew ship showing alternate radar UI.

History Tab

  • This tracks previous sessions and allows you to add friends from previous sessions and additionally block players.

Landing Page

  • Players have a page giving a description of the session they have joined including what roles are available.


Session Report

  • This menu keeps track of breakdown of events, kills, fines, rewards and time spent during play.


  • When the gunner selects the turret the camera switches to outside the ship to a third person view where the gunner can then use the reticules to target other craft.

You can view a GIF of the above view in action here, thanks to Cmdr DiddyCarter on Reddit.


Holo-Me is the in game lore term for software stored in ship that allows you to create your in-game character. This is essentially a hologram of your in-game self and allows you to change your actual appearance.

  • Access is via the right status pane and can be changed in-game at any point other than when in the SRV or SLF.
  • There are likely to be 40-50 preset faces available if you don’t wish to create a character from scratch.
  • There are a number of tabs to change the various attributes of the faces – of which there are lots and the fine tuning is very detailed, changing everything from: hair, eyebrows, lips, age, skin type, beard, face size & symmetry, nose, eyelids, scars, freckles and many other small details.
  • It’s also possible to randomise each particular feature if you don’t want to dial them in individually.
  • You can also change the decals that are applied to your suit, which can also be changed colour. Further more detailed suits will of course be available via micro-transactions.


This allows players to take control of the views both inside and outside of their ship and replaces the old debug camera and allows the player to control the ship from a 3rd person point of view.

  • It’s accessed as previously by selecting CTRL+ALT+SPACE allowing you to change the level of blur, focal distance and camera speed as well as various other preset camera views from above or below the ship. Other features include the ability to drop the camera in space and fly your ship away from it in external view, lock the camera to the world view, ship view, zoom and control its roll and elevation.
  • Weapons can be used but there is no UI to give the usual heads-up information. The camera can also be used with the SRV.
  • Camera Suits is accessible to all crew members on a ship meaning all three can create different shots of the same event.

You can view the video of the live stream demonstration here, or take a look at the beautiful video below by Cmdr Hoppryngil that shows off the new camera suite.

An in-game photo taken with the new camera system.


As per previous releases some new additions would be left for players to find themselves. There is also a very long list of smaller tweaks and improvements that can be found by reading the full patch notes.

Dolphin Liner +

  • 2.3 sees the introduction of the Dolphin liner produced by Saud Kruger. This ship can land on a small landing pad. You can see the video of it here or look at the images below courtesy of Cmdr. Raj Matheo.

Ship Naming

  • You are now able to name your ship and have it appear in the UI, but if you wish it to appear on the hull of your ship you will have to purchase a special ship decal from the Frontier store in the same way you would for ship skins.

    “Everyone will be able to rename their ship for free in game and there will also be the option to purchase cosmetic name plates which will allow Commanders the ability to display that name on your ship’s hull via a special decal. These additional features will be made available in the near future with a catalogue of designs. We’re looking forward to seeing you display your ship names with pride.”

Ship naming will be available via the Frontier store


  • These are a variety of large non-flyable ships, some of which have docking capabilities and can be interacted with in-game. The one seen below is the first of many and has been named ‘Fisher’s Rest’. You can see images and a video clip below. They are listed in the patch notes as being as follows:
    • Tanker
    • Cargo
    • Asteroid Miner
    • Flight Operations
    • Prison Ship
    • Science Vessel
    • Passenger
    • Unknown Variation #1
    • Unknown Variation #2

Asteroid Bases

  • A new asteroid base type station (including air traffic controllers) added including 32 in various deep space locations.
Interior of Asteroid Station thanks to Vasious27

Mysterious Things +

  • Further ‘mysterious things’ added into the game.

Organic Surface Content +

  • More organic surface discoveries added into the game.

Passengers & Missions

  • You can now choose to add prisoner cells as alternatives to passenger cabins.
  • There are updated mission variations for passenger: Bulk, VIP and VIP Conflict as well as delivery and variant mission templates.
  • Players can now choose to accept or turn down passenger requests to be taken to a new destination. In the same way delivery, collections, Passenger Bulk, Piracy, Rescue, Salvage and Smuggle mission change destination wrinkles are now optional.
  • Multi-stage mission support has been added to the game, these are different to the current ‘wrinkles’ that take place during missions.

Challenge Scenarios

  • Some new challenge scenarios have been added into the game:
    • 4 new Incursion scenarios
    • Speed docking
    • Driver challenge
    • Ship launched fighter challenge

Points of Interest & Unidentified Signal Sources 

  • Lava Spouts now have proximity effects around them. Depending on the ferocity of their eruption, they deal heat and damage to the player. The more ferocious the eruption, the hotter and more damaging they become.
  • There are also various new passenger USS scenarios as well as new wreckage types and space scenarios can also now have localised fog. Additional installation scenarios and colour variations have been added:


  • New blueprints have been added to the game as follows:
    • Manifest/Killwarrant/Wake scanner:
      • Long Range
      • Wide Angle
      • Fast Scan
    • Ship primary sensor:
      • Light weight
      • Long Range
      • Wide angle
    • Detailed Surface scanner (affects how fast you can basic/detailed scan planets):
      • Long Range
      • Wide Angle
      • Fast Scan
  • New blueprints added to:
    • Bill Turner:
      • DSS to grade 5
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5
    • Felicity Farseer:
      • DSS to grade 3
      • Sensor/Scanner to grade 3
    • Heri Tani:
      • DSS to grade 5
      • Sensor/Scanner to grade 3
    • Juri Ishmaak:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5
      • DSS to grade 5
    • Lei Chung:
      • DSS to grade 5
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5
    • Lori Jameson:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5
      • DSS to grade 5
    • Tiana Fortune:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5
      • DSS to grade 5

Station Services

  • To account for the introduction of new ships in the game, you can now store up to 35 of your ships at a station (increased from thirty).


  • NPC pirates will now ask the player for a cargo amount from a player. Complying will result in the NPC pirate not opening fire.


  • Players in supercruise can now visually see other interdictions taking place. You can see this taking place in this video.

Tourist Beacons

  • 100 new tourist beacons have been added into the game.

Data Link Scanner

  • It’s still to be confirmed but Frontier are hoping to include in 2.3 the ability to use the Data Link scanner in your ship. It’s not yet known what exact uses this will have, but it will be bound to a button in your fire groups, as below.


  • It’s now possible to use a turreted mining laser

Audio Changes

  • New additions include audio for the FSD supercharge including voice alerts, added ambient audio details to the starport inner-dock variant, three New flight controllers types for the Empire, Anarchy, Independent powers, some additional wave scanner improvements and what it listed as ‘Secret stuff. Shhh’.

Corvette Ship Kit

Exactly as it says on the tin.


  • Experimental IPV6 support has been added to the options setting. Read more about that here.