Chapter 3 – Brief Overview

Frontier made a short presentation courtesy of Adam Woods at the Gamescom Elite meet this evening. Below is a brief list of what was mentioned. These will be expended upon tomorrow with the official Frontier reveal. Thanks to Pleijp73 for the video from which this information is taken.

General Outfitting

  • Large Dumbfire Missile
  • Large Seeking Missile
  • Large Torpedo Launcher
  • Large Multi-cannon (turret)

Human Tech Broker

  • Small Shock Cannon (Turret, Gimbal & Fixed Mounts)

Guardian Tech Broker

  • Small Plasma Launcher (Turret & Fixed Mounts)
  • Small Shard Cannon (Turret & Fixed Mounts)
  • Small Gauss Cannon (Turret & Fixed Mounts)

Wing Missions

  • New planetary settlement wing missions


  • New settlements with backstories to be discovered.


  • Some new Engineers will now be available in Colonia.

The Crusader

  • This matches the Chieftain and Challenger in combat and manouverability but also has a ship launched fighter bay and has space for two multi-crew.

Guardian Beacons

  • These can be found in Chapter 3 and will require players to work out what they do and “ultimately what they will lead you to”.

New Technology

Ram Tah has developed a new Guardian based launched fighter Hybrid Fighter Series named,

  • The Trident (carries a Plasma Autocannon)
  • The Javelin (carries a Shard Launcher)
  • The Lance (carries a Gauss Focus Cannon)


Beyond: Chapter 3 – Release Date

At 7pm on the 16th August 2018 Frontier announced that Chapter 3 of Beyond would be released on Tuesday, 28th August 2018.

Further details of the content will be revealed to those attending Gamescom on the 22nd August with more public details following the next day. A short teaser trailer can be seen below hinting at the return of The Guardians. More detail will appear here during and after Gamescom.

Update: Gamescom News

Frontier today responded to a thread on the official forum regarding any announcement of what Frontier will be revealing at the upcoming Gamescom event. It should be noted this is not a comment on whether any DLC will or will not appear before the end of 2018, just that this will not be discussed at Gamescom 2018. That content, as Ed says below and in another post, will be revealed at some point in the future.


“Hope you’re all well… genuinely excites me to still see so much enthusiasm for Elite, because believe me, it’s an enthusiasm we share in the office (I’d argue our enthusiasm exceeds yours even… but this isn’t a competition so I’ll stop trying to win it).

“Just wanted to set the correct expectations about what we’re doing at Gamescom. As with previous Gamescom Frontier Meet events, we’ve focused on what’s coming in the short term with our game releases, we’ve had giveaways, food and drink, and created a space where you can interact with the developers and meet each other (in some cases for the first time in real life!).

“This year will fit the same mould, with us detailing what’s still to come as part of Beyond.

“As David was quoted in this post, we are still working on Elite Dangerous, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to share our plans post-Beyond.