Interstellar Initiative – The Enclave Preview

At 12pm on the 27th June 2019 Frontier announced some details regarding the latest Interstellar Initiative. You can see this below or on the official site, here.


Interstellar Initiatives are a series of in-game events and narratives that play out over the course of approximately a month. Each one features several phases that will alter as the story progresses and may end with lasting effects on the galaxy!

Phase 1 (4th July 2019)

Meta-Alloys Reportedly Growing Scarce

Aegis Research has issued a statement amid growing concerns that meta-alloy harvests in the Pleiades Nebula have slowed dramatically. A number of sources claim that Thargoid barnacle sites have recently ceased producing materials.

The situation was addressed by Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research:

“Thargoid structures remain poorly understood, so we can only theorise why the barnacles in most Pleiades systems have grown barren. Our leading hypothesis is that these sites have been over-exploited in recent years, and humanity has simply exhausted this resource.”

“What is certain is that meta-alloys are both a valuable commodity and a vital component of anti-xeno technology. It is of paramount importance that we maintain the supply of this material.”

“Therefore, Aegis Research is spearheading an initiative to identify an alternative source. We ask the galactic community to support us by providing exploration data, in the hope this leads us to undiscovered barnacle sites.”

Independent pilots who wish to participate can do so by handing in survey scans to The Oracle in the Delphi system between the 4th and the 10th of July.

  • Meta-Alloy production from Barnacle Sites (in the Pleiades) will start to dwindle, threatening the availability of Meta-Alloys. As this commodity becomes scarce, the price in which markets will pay for Meta-Alloys is bound to increase.
  • Community Goal – Aegis Research will request the service of Commanders to deliver Exploration Data to The Oracle in the Delphi system, a combined effort to locate a new source of Meta-Alloys.

The next phase will be announced after Phase 1 has ended.



Bridging the Gap – Overview of Phases

At 4:15pm on the 9th May 2019 Frontier announced how the phases involving the first of the new Interstellar Initiatives would roll out. Please note the below are spoilers! You can see a live stream of this below:

Hello Commanders,

The results of the first phase of Bridging the Gap are now underway, Zende Partners have rolled out their new megaships ferry as well as new outposts in the various systems. Today, we wanted to give you a detailed overview of how the following phases of Bridging the Gap will unfold. Be warned, some of the details in this post will reveal to you what’s coming so if you want to avoid the spoilers and see how the story unfolds:

Phase 1 (passed)

  • Zende Partners announced plans to establish a megaship ferry service between Zende and a system located in Guardian space; the organisation’s aim is to foster activity in Guardian space as part of a wider initiative to develop new Guardian-inspired technologies.
  • As a result of this phase, today we’ve added:
    • Zende Partners as a new faction
    • Segnen Exchange as their corporate rivals
    • Megaship ferries at Zende and Synuefe EN-H d11-96
    • An Outpost at Synuefe EN-H d11-96
      • You can sell Guardian Commodities at this outpost for greater-than-usual profits
    • An Installation at Synuefe EN-H d11-96
    • An Outpost at Wregoe XQ-L C21-29 (mid-way point between Zende and Synuefe EN-H d11-96)
    • Convoy USS (pirate for Guardian Commodities) and a variant where the convoy is under attack
    • Salvage USS (where Commanders can find the aftermath of these attacks and score themselves some Guardian Materials)

Phase 2 (16 May)

  • With Zende Partners’ assets in place, they seek the assistance of the galactic community to help them gather Guardian Commodities and Materials.
    • This will come in the form of a Trade Community Goal, starting on 16 May at the outpost: The Prospect.
      • You will need a small or medium ship to participate in the Community Goal.
    • If the Community Goal is successful, Commanders will unlock:
      • The ability to purchase Guardian Modules at The Prospect (you will still need to have previously unlocked the modules via Tech Brokers)
      • A Guardian Tech Broker at The Prospect.

Phase 3 (23 May)

  • As alluded to in our first Interstellar Initiative video, activity in this area is going to attract the attention of Segnen Exchange, who seek to gain control of the operation.
  • Conflict within Synuefe EN-H d11-96 is going to arise and there’ll be a call for Commanders to pick a side through a Conflict Zone Community Goal.
  • Zende Partners and Segnen Exchange are going to try and get you on their side, each offering to unlock a unique new module as a reward.
    • One module is a new multi-cannon, the other is a missile rack.
    • Both can use synthesised ammo, meaning they can take on human or AX targets.
    • They don’t take up an experimental weapon slot, meaning that you’ll be able to stack them with your AX weapons for extra firing power!
    • Depending on which faction wins the Community Goal will decide which module gets unlocked. Commanders will then be able to purchase this from Outfitting.

Phase 4 (30 May)

It’s not quite a phase, but it is the final stage of Bridging the GapThe winning corporation will take control of the assets in the system, as well as unlocking the module to all players. If Segnen Exchange are successful in taking over the assets, the start destination of the megaship ferry will change location.

  • We’ll also be providing all players who take part in this Interstellar Initiative with a decal. You’ll automatically receive it by either:
    • Boarding one of the two new megaships.
    • Docking at the new outposts.

Interstellar Initiative #1 – Bridging the Gap

On the 20th April 2019, the first of Frontier’s new ‘ Interstellar Initiatives’ started. You can read about it below and in the video below.


Interstellar Initiatives are a series of in-game events and narratives that play out over the course of approximately a month. Each one features several phases that will alter as the story progresses and may end with lasting effects on the galaxy!


Zende Partners has revealed plans to establish a ferry service between the core systems and Guardian space.

Freya Taine, the company’s CEO, made this statement:

“In response to increasing demand for Guardian commodities, my company aims to facilitate access to the area once occupied by the Guardians. This will involve the construction of a mega-ship to transport pilots to and from this comparatively inaccessible region.”

“Five systems have been highlighted as potential destinations, and we’d like to invite the galactic community to decide which of these should serve as the termination point for the mega-ship. We will then build an outpost in the chosen system, and the mega-ship will enter service.”

“We hope that this initiative will stimulate new innovations in the field of Guardian-human technology.”

Note: The mega-ship ferry itself is actually composed of two mega-ships, one that will jump to the chosen system, and one that will jump back to the system of Zende. These megaships will jump on the server tick each week.


Zende Partners have identified five locations in Guardian space where they will not only set up an outpost, but fund the creation of a Megaship ferry that will take Commanders from the system of Zende to a location voted for by the community.

It’s an ambitious plan, but with easier access to Guardian technology, Zende Partners hope to build and develop new technology to benefit the human race… and, perhaps, their economic standings.

To get involved with this first phase of Bridging the Gap, all you need to do is cast your vote in this thread.


To assist you in making an informed decision, the flight team of the “Stargazer” will take you on a visit to one of the Guardian Sites and talk about what your options are during the next episode of the live stream series: “Stargazing Tours”. Tune in at 18:00 (UTC) on 2 May on either YouTube, Twitch or Mixer.