Bug Update: 2.3.02

Edit: This issue as of 3:37pm has now been fixed.

There’s a reported bug in the current 2.3.02 update that could cause the failure to engineer a module (upon request) whilst at the same time using the materials you have collected. Frontier have confirmed they are looking at the problem and any update will appear on this post.

Patch Update: 2.3.02

On the 27th April at 10am Frontier will be updating the game with a small patch to fix a number of issues. You can see these listed below. You can see all patch notes for point releases in the game by clicking here.

Stability Fixes

• Fixed a crash that could occur in Capital Ship encounters
• Fixed a crash that could occur under various circumstances, such as when alt-tabbing and loading the game

• Reverted 2.3’s increase in faction influence from redeeming bounty vouchers

General Fixes & Tweaks
• Fixed an issue with a vessel’s total value not reflecting changes when outfitting modules

• Fixed an adjudication server disconnection from passenger missions

2.3: The Commanders – Release Day!

On the 11th April at 9:24am Frontier announced that the servers were down in preparation for the release of The Commanders. They will remain so until around 6:00pm (BST) this evening. Whilst you are waiting Frontier have organised a couple of events as below – click the links:

Reddit: David Braben – Ask Me Anything at 11am

Frontier: Live stream – Youtube at 2pm

Frontier Store: Buy Horizons Season Pass

Frontier Store: Nameplates

Information & Updates to this blog following today’s events

The Commanders: Preview

The Commanders: Frontier Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous: Current Features List

Elite Dangerous: Blog Updates (Following Reddit AMA)

 You can view the new trailer below.

New Locations: Dev Feedback

Today Steve Kirby dropped in to the 2.3 Beta Feedback forum and gave a response to the suggestions in the new locations that have appeared in 2.3. These include medical facilities, farms etc. You can read his comments here and below.

“Hi Guys,

“Thanks for all of your feedback, it is very much appreciated. Apologies for not getting in here sooner, as you can imagine it’s very busy here.

“I just want to let you know that your feedback has been heard and we are as keen to get these locations fully fleshed out as you guys are. We don’t want these to be just a pretty location to visit once.

“We have read every single post in this thread and made a note of all the suggested gameplay for these locations.

“I’m in full agreement with you that these locations needs more meaningful interactions and links to other areas of the game. I will be doing everything I can go make these locations what we originally envisioned them to be. Much of our planned gameplay for these sites has been slightly delayed due to several reasons I can’t go into, but we hope to implement them in the future. These included some of your suggestions already and now include some others from this thread like docking.

“As many of you know, we tend to implement these things in stages for various reasons. Now that we have the key installation types in place, we are now in a position to work on the deeper gameplay.

“As for the reason this has not been completed already for 2.3, all I can say is that sometimes priorities have to be changed and we don’t get to implement everything we originally intended got the first iteration of a piece of content.

“We are looking again at the priority of these locations based on your highly constructive feedback. Some of this work is easier than others and we might be able to get to it quicker than currently planned, to give you guys more reason to visit these locations and more meaningful actions to do when you are there. Some however are more long term and we will get to them as quickly as we can.

“Thanks for your continued support and we hope to continue to improve the installations and other locations soon.”