Interstellar Initiative #3 – The Scourge

On the 10th October 2019 Frontier announced the arrival of their latest Interstellar Initiative, ‘The Scourge’. This has also seen the introduction of a new system state ‘Blight’. You can read about this below or on the official forum here. You can read about all Interstellar Initiatives, here.

“Greetings Commanders,

“The Interstellar Association for Agriculture has declared a state of emergency following severe crop failures across multiple worlds. To prevent food shortages and economic strife for billions of civilians, independent pilots are being asked to bring grain, pesticides and synthetic reagents to two key locations.

“This marks the beginning of our third Interstellar InitiativeThe Scourge.

“Throughout the course of the event, we’ll be periodically updating this thread with details and updates as they develop.”

PHASE 1 (10th October)

  • As detailed above, independent commanders will be required to bring grain, pesticides and synthetic reagents to a region of space on the brink of economic strife, This will come in the form of a trading Community Goal.
  • Community Goal Details:
    • Start Date – 10 October @ 15:00 (UTC)
    • End Date -16 October @ 15:00 (UTC)
    • Pesticides, synthetic reagents and grain to be delivered to Watson Station in the Orerve system, and Shifnalport in the Diso system.

PHASE 2 (16th October)


  • Independent commanders will be required to bring Rockforth Fertiliser to Wiley Port in the Teveri system.
    • Start Date – 16 October @ 15:00 (UTC)
    • End Date – 22 October @ 15:00 (UTC)
  • Rockforth Fertiliser is now available to collect from markets at negligible cost from the stations listed below:
    • Sharon Lee Free Market, Orrere
    • Lave Station, Lave
    • Warinus, Lave
    • Shifnalport, Diso
    • Davies High, Reorte
    • Watson Station, Orerve
    • Roentgen Hub, LFT 37
    • Macedo Station, Lei Zi
    • Phillips Gateway, Ensoreus
    • Baird Gateway, Arque
    • La Soeur du Dan Ham, Riedquat
  • For the duration of the Community Goal, Lakon Spaceways has agreed to lower the cost of the following ships:
    • Type-6 Transporter
    • Type-7 Transporter
    • Type-9 Heavy
  • Cargo Rack prices have also been reduced in all starports.

September Update: Patch 3

Frontier have released the third patch for the September update and it is now live. You can see the details below, on the Forntier forum here, or via a link on the patch notes section of this site.

Cockpit UI

  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple modules to appear to change priorities instead of just the one that was selected
  • Fixed a small performance stutter when opening the modules tab


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when handing in a mission
  • Fixed the issue causing a softlock at mission boards (and removed the workaround missions)


  • Fixed an issue where the system map was missing Commander names for First Discovered and First Mapped


  • (Xbox One only) Replaced ‘Debug Test’ text that appeared when giving a ship a name or ID on Xbox One with ‘Enter Ship Name/ID’
  • Fixed missing Flak Launcher VFX
  • Fixed an issue that stopped some previously allowed characters from being able to be used in ship IDs


  • Fixed an issue where some types of non-Ethernet connections were rejected
  • Further work has been made towards restoring VPN connections by:
    • (PC only) Adding ability for players to select which network adapter to use in the network options list (VPN connections will appear here)
      • Note if you change the selected Network Adapter here, you will also need to restart the game
    • Stopping the game from terminating if unable to connect to a network. This allows players into the network options screen to check that their VPN connection is selected


  • (Xbox One only) Fixed a screen tearing issue on Xbox One when in 4k Quality mode

Mission Board & Passenger Lounge : Fix

On the 4th October Frontier announced that the servers would be re-started at 2pm UTC time/3pm GMT to fix a known issue with the mission board and passenger lounges.

“Greetings Commanders,

“Today we introduced a workaround to address the issues players have been experiencing with the Mission Boards. These changes will stop commanders experiencing the ‘soft lock’, bringing functionality back to the mission boards. As a side effect of this workaround, each faction will have one mission that players will not be able to access, even though they should meet the requirements. Commanders will be able to access the other missions, and we are continuing to investigate a long term fix. We will update you with any changes as soon as we can.

“The server is back up now, and we thank you for your patience whilst we have been looking into this. If you do have any further issues please let us know on the Issue Tracker.”

Discovery Scanner 7 – Voices of the Void

On the 4th October 2019 Frontier streamed the latest of their dives into the making of Elite: Dangerous.

In this episode of Discovery Scanner, Frontier are joined by voice actors, Jay Britton and Amelia Tyler to discuss the role voice acting plays in the games industry as well as Frontier’s Senior Sound Designer, Paola Velasquez, who looks at the technical side of voice acting, and audio implementation in video games.

You can view it below or find the complete series over on the Creating Elite: Dangerous – Videos page.

September Update: Patch 2

On Tuesday 1st October at 5:05pm Frontier announced that a second patch was released to fix issues following the release of the September Update. You can find the details belolw or on the original post, here. As always a link to it can be permanently found on the Patch Notes section of this website, here. Unfortunately this patch has seemingly causedd other issues including broken mission boards and issues with menus failing to work as intended. Some updates following the release of the patch are mentioned below.

Greetings Commanders,

The Elite Dangerous servers will be offline for all platforms on the 3 October at 07:00 (UTC) to apply the September Update – Patch 2.

We are aware that there is an issue where some Commanders, specifically those on console, are experiencing the “Failed to communicate with server. Unable to get an up to date mission list from server” message when trying to access missions at a starport’s mission board and passenger lounge. The team are currently investigating measures to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Update: The team has investigated the disconnect and mission list communication issue for console players, and we have implemented a change that should reduce the amount of times players encounter this.​ However, if you have any further problems, please let us know.​

Thank you for your patience and vigilance as we address these issues.

Please find the full Patch Notes below:


  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when trading materials at a material trader
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the new starter experience
  • Fixed softlock that could occur when hiring crew members
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after clearing a save and skipping the new starter experience
  • Fixed a softlock that would occur when attempting to perform a hyperspace jump in an Imperial Clipper that has a Ship Kit applied


  • When buying a new ship, your selected COVAS will automatically be inherited from your previous ship.
  • When purchasing SRVs and fighters, they will inherit the COVAS currently selected for your ship.
  • For new commanders, the applicable localised COVAS will now automatically be selected based on which language is set in the options menu

Diamondback Explorer

  • Fixed mismatched Paint Jobs for the Diamondback Explorer


  • Fixed a case where PlayStation 4 commanders’ First Discoveries were not appearing correctly


  • Fixed an issue where interdiction wouldn’t end after the player submitted


  • Fixed an issue that meant the confirmation popup failed to appear after selecting an item the player owns
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the sort feature to not sort correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the SRV livery options to appear after leaving the Dashboard items category
  • Updated various Bobblehead preview cameras to give a better view of the item
  • Removed the ‘preview’ option on Engine Colours in livery, as it was not intended
  • Changed message from ‘Outfitting Unavailable’ to ‘Livery Unavailable’ when the livery isn’t accessible
  • Updated the ‘remove item option’ message to ‘clear the equipped item’
  • Renamed ‘Back’ to ‘Exit’


  • Fixed various translation errors


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the host’s ship to disappear when deploying a fighter

New Starter Experience

  • Fixed an issue that could cause visual issues with the star in Matet when the player arrives in the system
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the weapons to automatically fire after being returned to the training area
  • Removed the ability to damage ship modules as this can lead to the player becoming stuck during the experience
  • Removed the ability for players to view and turn off modules during the experience


  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect weapon mounts to be displayed (fixed weapons showing as gimballed, for example)

Pause Menu

  • Combined ‘restart training’ and ‘exit options’ into one confirmation screen. Now, when the player selects to either restart or exit they then choose to either:
    • Restart the checkpoint or the entire Starter Experience/Training
    • Exit to main menu or desktop
  • This new restart/exit option UI is also inline with other areas of the game as well. This update fixes text truncation in other languages and unnecessary duplication of options, without increasing the amount of clicks needed to exit or restart


  • Fixed an issue that caused stars in the night sky to disappear (creating, in some cases, ‘hard edges’)


  • Updated local news articles for faction summaries, engineer progression and megaship itineraries
  • Fixed many causes of transaction server disconnections (error codes: Scarlet Krait, Magenta Krait, Black Adder, Yellow Adder)

Ship HUD

  • Corrected the schematic of a targeted starport to match its actual orientation
  • Fixed an issue that made ship modules appear twice in the module tab after swapping to a different ship
  • Fixed the edge case where the ship HUD could be switched off (by the Thargoid shutdown effect) during a jump to Supercruise, causing the HUD to never appear again.


  • Changed the Store buttons that appear on Port Services menu and main menu to orange and reordered them:
    • Port Services – Livery > Holo-me > Store
    • Main Menu – Livery > Buy Expansions > Store > Buy ARX
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox One that causes the preview camera to pan without any player input
  • Re-added a missing scroll bar
  • Packs now display how many items are in it


  • Fixed Enforcer Canons being unable to be restocked through synthesis

September Update: Patch 1

On the 23rd September 2019 at 11:47am Frontier announced a small patch to fix a few of the problems occurring in the September release. You can see them below, on the Frontier Forum here,or via the patch notes section, here. There’s also a subsequent post regarding issues players have had whilst using a VPN with the latest release. That can be found here.


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to load the game on PlayStation 4


  • Fixed issue with players not being able to connect through a VPN


  • Fixed soft lock when engineering an item


  • Fixed an Xbox One issue that allowed other users to communicate with a player that they are not friends with, when that player has the ‘p=others can communicate with voice, text, or invites’ privilege is set to ‘Friends’

September Update: 2019 – Is Live!

On the 18th September 2019 Frontier announced that the September update was now  live. The patch notes can be found below, on the Frontier website here, and will be listed on the patch notes section of this website shortly. There have also been some issues with the new patch, these can be seen here.

New Features

New Starter Experience

  • Added a curated experience for new players that will guide them through the basics of ship control, combat, travel and docking
  • The experience has localised voiceover in all supported languages
  • Certain UI elements are highlighted at key points during the flow
  • Players are given a mission once the flow has been completed, that introduces them to the mission board (with voiceover)
  • Added the experience to the ‘Training Simulations’ list, accessible from the internal cockpit panel
  • Updated the throttle UI to better show the players current direction of travel (the rectangular blocks are now chevrons, and added a subtle pulse animation)
  • Pre-flight checklist is now off by default when starting a new game (it can be turned back on)


  • Added new option to the Flight Assist tab to allow the Supercruise Assist module to control the throttle automatically
  • Supercruise ‘Safe to Disengage‘ message has been updated to include the binding that will disengage Supercruise


  • ARX is the new currency that takes over from Frontier Points and real money transactions across all platforms
  • Players purchase a pack containing a number of ARX that are then used to purchase in-game cosmetic items (Game Extras) for their ship, SRV, fighter or Holo-Me
  • Players can purchase ARX from in-game links that direct either to an external Frontier Store or site
  • Any outstanding Frontier Points will be converted to ARX the first time the player logs into the game after the update

Rewarding ARX

  • Players can earn ARX through standard gameplay (up to a 400 weekly cap) based on in-game activities within Combat, Trade and Exploration and more!
  • Players are notified of their previous session earnings on the main menu

Livery Update

  • Refreshed livery layout
    • Icons denote the different categories (general, decals, cockpit decorations, etc.)
    • Updated vessel selection screen
    • Separate UI for ship name and ID
    • Preview mode that reduces the amount of on-screen UI, giving a clearer view of the chosen item
  • Players now purchase items, with ARX, directly from livery, without being redirected to an external store
  • Players can now access livery from the main menu


  • Players can now purchase items, with ARX directly from the Holo-Me section, without being redirected to an external store

New Store

  • Added a new customisation store
  • Players can browse the entire catalog of customisation items for any available ship
  • Preview Mode allows players to see any cosmetic items on a vanilla version of any ship, as well as use camera controls to view it from different angles
  • The store is accessible from either the main menu or major starports in-game
  • Players purchase cosmetic items directly from the store, without being redirected to an external site

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed being unable to scroll through Tourist Beacon text in the archive section if it was longer than one page
  • Fixed an issue where HOTAS users couldn’t scroll through the right hand side of the archive section


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when logging into the game
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on the loading screen, due to being close to an asteroid ring
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when looking at the Powerplay screen during a hyperspace jump


  • Fixed some issues with incorrectly reversed decals

Diamond Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where the outfitting camera was clipping into the hangar floor


  • Fixed an issue where body data wouldn’t show up first time when using the Full Spectrum Scanner (FSS)
  • Fixed an issue where the blue scan visual effect can appear on a nearby planet that you’re not trying to scan
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t scroll through the right-hand side panel when selling Exploration Data
  • Fixed an issue where the word ‘next’ was partially cut off in the Navigation Tab of the External Panel


  • Added a cooldown when using hotkeys to give fighters orders, and prevented allowing players to repeat an order that has already been given to the fighter (multiple orders were creating network lag, resulting in an exploit during combat)


  • The correct Elite rank will now show when targeting your own ship from your SRV
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s ship name/ID plates was being incorrectly censored when on the main menu
  • Fixed a restock issue for vessels when the player has multiple bays fitted


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the AI ship not to appear after they interdicted a player

Krait Phantom

  • Fixed holes in one of the Ship Kit pieces


  • Fixed missing Cyrillic letters in Squadron Creation and Rank Names
  • Corrected spelling of ‘nonhuman’ in the Knowledge Base


  • Fixed landing gear still appearing to be deployed even after the player had retracted it


  • Decreased mine rearm time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. The increase in time was an attempt to fix an issue where long ships were being hit by their own mines. However, the updated arming time was too long, making them ineffective. This new arming time should balance it.


  • Fixed missing ‘mission target’ tags from certain ships, meaning Massacre and Assassination missions should now have appropriate target ships for the players to attack
  • Fixed missing text in some VIP Passenger missions


  • Corrected the date of Atticus Obellan Duval’s ascension to the throne in its Tourist Beacon


  • Correctly display which network adapter is being used by the game in the network options, as well as preferring a wired network connection over a wireless one if both are found
  • Fixed edge cases where players were being placed in the same instance as players they had blocked
  • Added unique error codes to disconnections, for players to use when reporting issues

Player Journal


  • New SAASignalsFound event with bio/geo signals on planets and hotspots in rings
  • SAAScanComplete: add SystemAddress
  • Scan: add StarSystem name and SystemAddress
  • FSDTarget: add RemainingJumpsInRoute
  • CodexEntry,Touchdown,Liftoff: add NearestDestination
  • StatusFlags: add flags fsdJump, srvHighBeam
  • ShipTargeted: add powerplay info

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed code that strips newlines out of strings
  • Fixed bug that caused blank system names when selling exploration data
  • In the CrimeVictim event, the Offender field should now have added localisation, if relevant
  • Fixed description of FactionEffects in MissionCompleted event


  • Fixed Companion API authentication for players with linked Steam accounts


  • Fixed some level of detail issues with its Ship Kit


  • Fixed an issue where the SRVs weapon were firing slightly offset when used from the driver’s seat


  • Fixed an issue with the demand icon overlapping when demand is high
  • Fixed an issue with the displayed price at a Black Market for contraband goods
  • When a player is comparing market to buy/sell at, changes have been made to ensure that a selected marker is included in the “consumed by” list (if applicable), even if another market in the same system offers a better price

Training Simulations

  • Fixed an issue with the Mining Simulation where players could fire the Mining Laser at nothing and the tutorial would play incorrect voiceover
  • Fixed an issue with the Advanced Combat Training Simulation, where players could cycle fire groups too early in the flow of the simulation

Unidentified Signal Sources (USS)

  • Increased the spawn rate of High Grade Emissions
  • Increased the spawn rate for Non-Human Signal Sources

Viper MkIII

  • Fixed some level of detail issues with its Ship Kit