Elite: Dangerous – Artwork

Elite: Dangerous has an excellent array of stunning artwork which started life as concept art in various guises. Below are some images and links (click on the artists names for more images) to various pieces of work designed for the game. Copyrights as per details in links. Note: Some artwork does not necessarily reflect the final in game assets.

> Elite: Dangerous – Digital Art Book

Originally promised as a reward to backers this pdf features some superb artwork stretching back into early development, right up to some art for future additions to the game.

> Pawel Ptaszynski


> Xavier Henry


>Mark Montague


> Ben Andrews


> Daryl Fearon

> Radek Walachnia

> Tom Long

> Josh Atack


> Lewis Fischer

> Nick Tagney


> Aaron Khachik


> Ed Hanley


> Jordan Clarry

> Gerald Fitzgerald


> Janne Paulson


> Erlend Hoem Thordarson