Horizons: 1.5 & 2.0

Horizons 1.5 & 2.0 is the first expansion to Elite: Dangerous and was released on the 15th December 2015. The update also comes with base game update 1.5 – Ships.  You do not need to purchase Horizons to have these listed features. Purchasing the expansion gives access to the entire season of updates (2.0 – 2.4). You can get an overview of  those Horizons releases, here.

Note: Since this was initially released there have been subsequent changes to the planets and their content. The below does not necessarily reflect the current status of the game.

> 1.5 – Ships

The release of 1.5 – Ships sees the number of ships in the game increase to 30 (31 if you own Horizons). As well as some additional mission types and scenarios.


  • Asp Scout


  • Viper MkIV


  • Federal Corvette


  • Imperial Cutter


  • Keelback


  • Imperial Fighter (CQC)


> Missions

Several new mission types were added to the game which added some variety to the missions system.

  • Crashed ships
  • Don’t die missions
  • Don’t get scanned missions
  • Multi-stage missions
  • Missions can be received in space
  • Assassination variants
  • Contact missions
  • Unique cargo missions
  • Timed window missions

Additionally there were some scenarios included which require the player to drop into various situations in space.

  • Search and rescue scenarios
  • Wrecked ships scenarios
  • New deep space salvage scenarios
  • Distress call scenarios

> 2.0 – HORIZONS 

The headline feature of 2.0 is the ability to land your ship anywhere on the airless planets and moons which make up 61% of the in-game total. These consist of four planet types:

  • Rocky
  • Metal
  • Ice
  • Rock & Ice
    View from above an icy planet.

    On the planets surfaces there are various installations to visit and in some cases interact with. These include:

  • Military bases
  • Research Establishments
  • Hideouts
  • Major star ports
  • Mining complexes


A large planetary base
Fighting skimmers on a planet surface
  • Scanning the surface for materials
  • Fighting skimmer defence vehicles (x 4 variations)
  • ‘Scanning terminals’ to download data
  • Find crashed ships
  • Discover points of interest, debris and lost cargo

Once a player has landed on planets they can find materials to refuel, rearm and repair their ships whilst doing the following:

  • Scanning the surface for materials
  • ‘Hacking terminals’ to download data
  • Find crashed ships
  • Discover points of interest, debris and lost cargo
crashed ship
A crashed ship on a planetary surface.

Various materials can be found on the planetary surface and synthesised in order to:

  • Refuel your SRV
  • Repair your SRV
  • Reproduce ammunition
  • Increase Ship Jump Range
Screenshot showing the FSD injection synthesis screen