Frontier Q&A – Dav Stott

Frontier’s Q&A with Dav Stott on the 17th January covered a whole host of topics around the background simulation, servers and other technical areas of the game. You can view it below or read a brief rundown here, as kindly provided by forum user Golgot.

As far as new information went there wasn’t much to report aside from the brief mention that somewhere along the line Frontier might be looking to alter the appearance of stations and settlements to reflect the current system state.

Q: Will there be an effort to make the background simulation more visible and audible from out of your spaceship’s cockpit? Having the look and audio of stations and settlements change depending on system states, for example.

A: Nothing to announce today, but planet bases already change decals if faction changes. (since Horizons launch). Nothing more to announce at the moment.


Q&A – Server & Background Simulation

On Tuesday the 17th January 2017 Frontier are holding their first Q&A session of 2017.

“Kicking off the 2017 Q&A livestreams with a bang… we’re inviting Dav Stott on to the stream to answer your questions about the following topics:

“Gameplay: The various simulations like trade, factions, outfitting Tech: instancing, networking, questions about the servers themselves

“So, pop your questions in the thread below! Please keep the questions to the above topics!” And I’ll see you on Tuesday at 7PM GMT – See you there!”

Live stream

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