2.3 Shield Booster & Ship Armour Changes

Sandro Sammarco today made a post on the official forum about changes made to the above, saying the following…

“Hello Commanders!

“First things first, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to these balance tweaks that we have been running. Whether creating videos, giving testament to game play experience or making considered observations – your input is greatly appreciated, regardless which side of the fence you stand on.

“By trialling out tweaks to shield booster diminishing returns changes for an extended period, we’ve amassed more feedback than we could have obtained from a single beta. Now we’ve had a chance to go through it all, matching it up against our own thoughts and experiences.

“We believe there is a real issue where stacking shield boosters can become a path of least resistance in terms of ship defence and we’re committed to resolving it.

“However, after taking the feedback into consideration, we feel that the tweaks we’ve tested are not the best way to address the different (sometimes conflicting) issues in play, in part because of the wide variety of play styles that Elite Dangerous caters to. That’s not to say that we think the changes didn’t address the issues of ships with overly powerful shields, just that the changes were a little too specific.

“We feel that alongside any changes to shields, we want to look at complimentary changes, to mitigate various valid concerns that have been raised, such as wing-based combat and extended conflict zone play. So we’re going to step back and take another look at the issue in a holistic manner.

“Thank you once again, for all the testing, and for your continued support. We will return to this issue, we’re still confident that, with your help, we can resolve this issue and improve the game combat experience.”

Q&A #2 -Update

Following the Frontier  live stream on Tuesday, Radio Lave and Golgot100 have kindly provided an extensive summary of the answers Sandro Sammarco gave. You can read them here and here.

Where those answers were applicable to future Frontier content I’ve added them to this site. You can read a summary of answers that were of interest here.