Patch Update: 2.3.10 [Beta #2]

At 3:10 on the 12th June Frontier released an update to the 2.3.10 Beta patch. The changes can be seen on the Frontier website here or below:

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed several crashes that have been reported during the beta that could occur in various situations

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • General text fixes
  • Fixed a target-able location in the Howard system
  • Audio: Various audio tweaks and fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the wings interface would disappear shortly after joining a Multi-Crew session

Player Journal

  • Faction Pending and Recovery state information is now included in the Player Journal
  • Addressed an issue whereby certain events were missing from the Player Journal
  • New “EngineerContribution” event for making donations to unlock an Engineer


  • Asp: Moved the camera closer to prevent clipping in livery outfitting

General Ship Audio Fixes and Improvements

  • Audio: Improvements to the “Rotational Correction” voice lines when returning to the helm from a fighter

2.3 Beta Update: 2.01 (Multi-Crew)

Frontier announced this morning that this update will feature the enabling of multi-crew, which due to some ongoing problems had been disabled in previous releases. The full text can be seen below, or here. You can find the feedback forum here and the bug reporting forum here.

“With the latest beta release (2.3 Beta 2.01), we’ve enable the new multi-crew feature. We are aware of various issues that are revolving around multi-crew currently. Please note that these issues will be fixed in due time. However, at this point, we’ve decided to allow our beta testers to have at it, so we can start compiling any additional issues that get reported. With a feature this complex, this is very much a beta test… we implore you to make sure you raise bug reports for problems you might encounter in our bug reports forum here.

“As always, we’ll be closely monitoring the situation, and if it proves that multi-crew has too many issues for the moment then we’ll disable it and hammer away at it some more for a future beta build.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!”

  • Enabled multi-crew.
  • Fix to correctly handle race condition when router type discovery takes longer than mtu discovery
  • Don’t try and handle invalid IPV6 addresses
  • Collect direct telemetry on all IPv6 sync attempts
  • Prevent over-counting sync attempts in network statistics due to switching to Turn
  • Exclude Teredo addresses when looking for an IPv6 network connection
  • Fix credits for beta test starter pack
  • Adjusted the amount of exploration ranking awarded from selling exploration data to be 50% of the credits value, 20% of the credits value of Passenger Sightseeing missions and 40% of Long Distance expedition missions

2.3 Beta – Live stream

As announced by Frontier this afternoon,

Adam Woods will be joining Edward Lewis tonight to run through some elements of the beta, take in some new and interesting sites/sights, and answer some questions with you lovely people in the chat.

There will be more time for a dedicated Q&A when we’re live from PAX (with Sandy), but tonight’s stream will focus around showing off elements of the beta you might not have seen just yet, as well as covering some of the basics.

You can find the link here.

Horizons 2.3 – Information Update

An update regarding some changes to the blog and other information.

  • You can find out about the headline changes and features in ‘The Commanders’ by clicking the preview here.
  • Additional amendments to the preview (and all other content pages) can be found at a glance by clicking here.
  • You can find the Official Frontier forum for 2.3 Feedback here.
  • You can report any bugs you find in the 2.3 Beta here.

Beta 2.3 – Update

A quick update for those not following the posts on the official forum courtesy of Brett.

“Unfortunately, when our QA team was doing checks, they came across a fair few bugs. These bugs, once all added together would be a hindrance to being able to test the 2.3 beta. In turn, you guys would have a very unfun, unstable game play time on the beta.

“We want the game to be stable, and unfortunately, that wouldn’t have been the case for a release today or last week.

“Please note that we’ve heavily modified how the games netcode functions here, that’s a lot of code changed at the core.”


“I’m fairly sure this week will be the week for 2.3 beta to be released.

“Ideally (key word there), if internal testing goes well and the build doesn’t explode into a million segmentation faults… tomorrow – which is Tuesday, will be the day.

“But please, don’t go taking time off work or studies for a game. There’s no rush or need to be first onto PTS. Save that stuff for when the game is released to live – not PTS.”

Updates as and when they come in.