Patch Update: 2.3.11

Today, the 11th July 2017, Frontier announced a patch update. Details can be seen below or on the official forum, here. If you want to check out all the updates, with links to patch notes then you can go here.

Greetings commanders, we’ve an update on the way this morning at 10AM UK / 5AM East US.

We expect the servers to be down for about five hours while we perform this update. Below are the patch notes for this update.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash involving Fighters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the vanity camera shortcut while viewing the System/Surface Map.

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Overworked Air Traffic Controllers will no longer greet pilots as they are leaving.


  • We no longer award micro resources that are not used for anything as mission rewards.
  • Various mission tweaks and fixes.

Console Notes

  • Xbox, PlayStation 4: Fix for the welcome mission not appearing for new commanders.
  • PlayStation 4: Fix for a bug where the game ran at an accelerated speed after resuming from Rest Mode.
  • PlayStation 4: General client progression-flow fixes for new commander

E3 – Elite: Dangerous Live Streams

This evening at 7pm and again tomorrow evening at the same time, GMT Frontier will be streaming live from E3. There should be a focus on the PS4 release of the game and also some information regarding the 2.4 patch. You can watch the livestream by clicking the link below from 7pm GMT. Any details will be added to this blog, tonight or tomorrow.

Update: As per Frontier’s comment on the forum.

“The streams will be narrative led and focus around an event that you can all be part of! It will tie in to what we’re talking about to the press on the E3 show floor, and is particularly impactful (sic) for the future of the Elite Dangerous galaxy.”

E3 – Elite: Dangerous Live Stream

Additionally some community members were invited by Frontier to their Cambridge studios, you can see Obsidian Ant’s write up of that here, or view the video about it here.


Elite Dangerous: PS4 News

Frontier have updated their FAQ on the release of Elite:Dangerous for the PS4. The most recent piece of information being that the game will be available on both electronic and physical disc formats. The game is still due for release on the 27th June 2017. You can see the full FAQ, here.

Frontier have confirmed that there will be a live pre-launch stream for the game as well as a release day one. You can see that information below or here.

“Hello! Just about to announce this in a live stream thread… but we’re doing a pre-PS4 launch live stream next week (on Thursday 22nd June) where we’ll be basically answering any leftover questions. There will be a forum post that runs down all that information too. We’ve got a couple of things to wrap up in terms of exactly how it will roll out, so we’re waiting for that… you should have everything you need to know on Thursday at 7PM BST!”

“We’ll be showing off the game, and all the features on the stream too. Lloyd Morgan-Moore will be joining me on the stream, he’s the producer who has been responsible for moving the game over to the PS4 (and he’s lovely and has a nice face).”

The Formadine Rift: Voice Data Logs

Warning: Contains Spoilers.

Earlier in the week Commanders discovered a missing mega ship that forms part of the Formadine Rift mystery. Scanning the ship reveals some data logs, which as a welcome change have been very nicely voice-acted. These clips have been beautifully put together in the below video. Today Obsidian Ant will be running a Q&A with Drew Wager regarding the upcoming Premonition in-game event. The recording of it will be released at some point today. You can find out more about that, here.

The Return: 1.9 & 2.4

Updated: 17th August 2017 at 6:14pm


The 1.9 & 2.4 update will be the final release in the Horizons season of Elite: Dangerous. On the 13th June 2017 Frontier announced that the 2.4 update will feature the return of the Thargoids. The release date will fall between July and September 2017. You can see the short promotion trailer for it below. Details will be added to this page when appropriate.

Frontier have commented,

“Previously we’ve held live streams on the run up to our releases, featuring details all about the features in the update. However, due to the nature of this update we wouldn’t want to spoil the narrative or interactions that the community will have so we won’t be broadcasting these reveal streams in the build up to the upcoming beta for 2.4. We’ll still keep things going with small sneak peeks here and there, but largely we really want you to discover 2.4’s secrets for yourself. After release, we’ll be hosting streams that focus on the narrative, explaining what our Commanders are discovering, explaining how you can get involved and hinting at things to come.

“Although you won’t see them in the beta, from day one after 2.4’s final release the Thargoids will make their return. We can’t wait to see your interactions with the most mysterious and terrifying things you’ll have seen in the Elite Dangerous galaxy to date. The dev team have put a lot of love in to 2.4 and we can’t wait to share that hard work with you.”


“The Return will play out differently to previous releases in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, with content and story beats affecting all Commanders releasing in the months following its initial release.

“As a story-centric update, showing too much ahead of time would spoil the surprise and make for a lesser experience for the community. We want The Return to surprise and shock you as much as possible, but that said, you can expect for further reveals and information about the future of Elite at various community and gaming events throughout the year, such as the upcoming Lavecon.

“David Braben talks about the history of the Thargoids, and about how 2.4 The Return will unfold, in the video we posted to our YouTube account:”

David Braben did a short piece to camera about the Thargoids and their history. You can see this below.


Content marked with a + signifies Horizons only.

Note: Only the major changes are listed here and as mentioned above many features of 2.4 are not listed due to the nature of the release.

For the entire list please see the Patch notes (Beta) here.


New Locations

  • Mysterious locations added.

New Ship

A screenshot from the Beta multi-crew UI shows that a new Type-10 Defender variant will be added to the game, but not in the initial beta launch.

Screenshot courtesy of Cmdr. FG


At Lavecon 2017 Frontier announced a few new updates coming with 2.4. These can be seen below:

  • ‘A suite of weapons, modules and devices’ that will be used against the Thargoids:


Note: These are unconfirmed at present but there’s a possibility they will appear in 2.4 /speculation.

Engineers – Unofficially there are another 10 Engineers set to appear in the game. It’s possible these will appear in the 2.4 – The Return update. Their names, affiliations and locations can be seen below. Note: These are all subject to change.

Captain Banner (Independent) – HIP 61061
Dorn Etienne (Empire) – Jupang
Elui Shera (Independent) – Conven
Kit Lange (Independent) – Torno
Lex Avermann (Independent) – Thrudihe
Marshall (Independent) – Na Zha
Matt ‘The Gunner’ Sorbis (Independent) – Lelabo
Mel Brandon (Alliance) – 70 Virginis
Plasma Piotr (Federation) – NLTT 9949
Trin Falcour (Independent) – Yavas


Synthesis can now create:

  • Heat sinks
  • Chaff,
  • Limpets
  • Top up life support

Repair Limpets

Repair limpets can now be used to fix your for hull/canopy. (to be used on yourself or other ships)

A hull repair limpet in operation

Updated Route Plotting

Various changes to the route plotting system have been made.

  • Maximum route plotting range is now 20Kly
  • Route plotting is much faster
  • Option to make use of neutron star boost when plotting routes
  • Icon on route to show the last scoopable star before running out of fuel
Changes to Route Plotting

UI Improvements

There have been changes to the inbox which will give a slightly different look and feature some quality of life improvements.

Search & Rescue Agents

Frontier have added new and improved salvage scenarios added to support search and rescue gameplay as well as making salvage commodities legal to pick up from wreck sites (although they will still appear illegal if dropped by ships as that is not salvage).

Search & Rescue Agent contact and also a Science & Research Contact.
Search & Rescue Agent missions look to be a part of 2.4 and look like featuring multi-part quests to collect various items from crashed/lost ships.
Screenshot showing the completion of a search and rescue mission.

  • Improvements to salvageable wreckage and occupied cryopods:


  • New Chained Missions – Which can be longer than two steps
  • Follow-on missions can include more data about previous missions in the chain
  • Added support for missions allocating additional rewards based on station distance from the jump-in point
  • Added support for missions allocating additional rewards based on station distance from the jump-in point
  • Changes to the way missions are generated which will mean a greater number and variety available from the missions board. See comments here.

Changes to Crime & Punishment:

  • Ship Re-buy Penalty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), an additional cost is added if they swap to a less expensive ship before paying legal costs during the rebuy flow.
  • Pilot’s Federation Bounty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), they receive an additional Pilot’s Federation Bounty. This bounty is valid in every jurisdiction except anarchies.
  • Federation bounties – If you attack a Player (not NPC) you also get a Pilots Federation Bounty, in addition to any normal bounty, which is valued everywhere.
  • Pay-off re-buy costs and fines with other ships – wherever you have them.


  • Music system – This has been replaced and the existing music should behave exactly as before. It is now much more maintainable and enjoyable to use
  • Radio chatter – The radio chatter system works differently under the hood now, enabling Frontier to do “cool magic chatter” based things in the future. Existing chatter lines should function the same as before (around star ports and planet ports).
  • Flight controllers – This system also works differently now to be far more flexible and pave the way for future awesomes.

Holo-Me +

  • Added save slots for different Commander appearances in the Holo-Me system
  • Added 12 new hairstyles
  • Added slots for Eyewear and Outfits