Fleet Carriers: Beta Blowout

On Wednesday 21st May at 4:21pm Frontier announced the ‘Beta Blowout’ to finish off the Beta phase of Fleet Carriers. You can read the full post here or below.

You can find full details on Fleet Carriers, here and give Feedback here.

Greetings Commanders,

Tied up too many credits in ships and modules to buy a Fleet Carrier this Beta? We have you covered with the BETA BLOWOUT!

Starting from 21 May at 10:00 UTC and lasting until the end of the Beta (26 May), Fleet Carriers will cost a mere 1 million credits and ALL Additional Services will be reduced to 100 credits per service!

We hope that you all get a chance to jump into the Beta over the weekend and show us what you can do with your very own Fleet Carrier!

Please note: The Beta Blowout costs for Fleet Carriers DO NOT reflect the final prices when they are released in June.

Fleet Carriers: Beta #2 Changes

At 2pm on the 7th May 2020 Frontier announced the changes to Fleect Carriers following the first Beta and subsequent feedback. These can be seen below, or on the official forum, here.

The Fleet Carriers page with a full rundown of information has been changed to refelct the below.

“Greetings Commanders!

“We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the second Fleet Carrier Beta that starts next week, so ahead of that, we wanted to share some of the changes you can expect to see when you jump in to help us test them!

“So, let’s start with a quick reminder: the next Fleet Carriers Beta begins on 11 May and runs until 26 May. Commanders on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One will be able to jump into this one, and to find out more on how to take part, click here.

“Thanks to all the feedback provided to us in the first Fleet Carriers Beta, we wanted to highlight some of the changes you can expect to see in next week’s Beta:

  • Fleet Carriers will now have Universal Cartographics available as an optional service.

After the feedback from the first Fleet Carriers Beta, we reexamined how Fleet Carriers could be utilised by different play styles. We feel that with the inclusion of Universal Cartographics, explorers out in the black will be able to break new boundaries and launch exciting new expeditions.

  • Decommissioning a Fleet Carrier will now refund the full cost of a Carrier, with the only reductions either being unpaid debt when automated or a static fee for voluntary decommissioning.

“There has been a lot of conversation and feedback around this, so thank you to all the Commanders who shared their thoughts with us! Fleet Carriers affect Elite Dangerous in a way the game hasn’t seen before; they are persistent objects accessible across all platforms and controlled by player Commanders. Due to this, Fleet Carriers require these new systems in order to facilitate them in the galaxy. While Elite Dangerous can sustain as many Fleet Carriers as the community could wish for, there is a finite number of objects that can orbit a single body. Left unchecked, this could become a problem if Fleet Carriers are left in key locations like popular capital systems or near to carrier construction facilities, especially when a recent buyer wants to pick up their new Fleet Carrier. Decommissioning acts as an inactivity system that refunds the initial investment while preventing unused Fleet Carriers adrift in the galaxy. By adjusting the refund amount, we think this will be more in line with your expectations.

  • Module and ship storage will now always be available for the Fleet Carrier owner. Shipyard and outfitting services will still need to be purchased to enable visitors to use them and to buy stock for the owner.

“After seeing the feedback from players, we agreed that Fleet Carriers should come with these services by default! However, for others to use these services, owners will still need to activate the additional service to provide functionality to visitors as well as just the owner.

  • Tritium consumption per lightyear has been reduced by approximately half.

“This will directly make Fleet Carrier movement 2x more efficient in the beta. We want to keep monitoring the use of carriers and Tritium during the second beta, but this is our initial step to finding that sweet spot.


“Towards the end of the beta, join us for a BETA BLOWOUT, where Fleet Carriers will be available to almost anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to test them for themselves!

“In order to get feedback on Fleet Carriers in an environment that is as close to the live servers as possible, Fleet Carriers will remain at the price of 5bn CR. This is important to make sure we can get as accurate feedback as possible. However, during the Beta Blowout period, Fleet Carriers will be purchasable for 1m CR. We’re doing this so that as many people as possible can help try them out and give us feedback, but still enable us during the first week to see how they behave in an environment closer to what the live one will look like.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what you will do with them (and how many you’ll make!).

“We’ll also be creating a dedicated section on the forums to give a home to feedback, instructions, guides and all things related to the second Fleet Carriers Beta, so please continue to share your feedback with us!

“Fly safe and see you in the beta next week Commanders! o7”

Fleet Carriers: Beta #2 Date

On Monday the 4th May 2020 Frontier gave more information on the upcoming Beta #2 for Fleet Carriers.

“Greetings Commanders

“We are excited to announce that the Fleet Carriers Update – Beta 2 will run from 11 May to 26 May, starting and ending at 11:00 AM (UTC).

“We’ve very excited to bring you this beta, which is coming to you on all platforms for the very first time. Whether you’re on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to take part!

“As a reminder we will be using the saved game data from the live game taken from 30 April (remember what happens in the beta stays in the beta!).

PC Commanders will be able to join the beta following these steps:

  1. Open Steam (If you use the Elite Dangerous launcher skip to step 4).
  2. Open Elite Dangerous in your library.
  3. Select ‘Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ on the Steam launcher (even if you don’t own Horizons, Horizons will be enabled in the beta build).
  4. When the Elite Dangerous launcher is loaded, log in to your account if you aren’t already logged in.
  5. On the launcher window you will notice several options; Elite Dangerous: Horizons, Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta 2 (Horizons), Elite Dangerous etc.
  6. Select Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta 2 (Horizons).

“If you are planning to jump into the Fleet Carriers Update – Beta 2 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, here is how you can register your account for participation:

  1. Via a web browser go to https://user.frontierstore.net/fleet-carrier-beta-key.
  2. Log in using your PlayStation Network, or Xbox One account.
    1. (If you were previously a beta player for Elite Dangerous on Xbox One you will not be able to redeem an additional beta key. You should instead re-download the beta application from your “Full Library” inside “My Games and Apps”).
  3. Follow the steps to generate a code.
  4. Redeem the code on your console of choice, starting from 11 May.

“WARNING: The beta will not be live until 11 May. Redeeming the code before this date, will download an older version of the beta. This is not accessible and will fail to connect, however, your beta application will automatically update with the Fleet Carriers Beta 2 on May 11.

“We will be announcing more information on the changes and improvements that we have made thanks to your feedback in the near future.”


Fleet Carriers: Beta 1 – Finished

On the 20th April 2020 Frontier announced the end of the first Beta for Fleet Carriers.

“Greetings Commanders,

The Fleet Carriers Update – Beta 1 has now closed!

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the beta. Throughout this beta you helped us make major changes towards improving the functionality of Fleet Carriers with your fantastic feedback and diligent testing. During Beta 1 we reduced upkeep costs, updated the debt threshold to relieve pressure on Fleet Carrier management and reduced a number of service costs. To find out more, you can read the feedback changes we posted here.

“The development team have already started working on remaining feedback and issues you have provided as well as preparing for Beta 2. This second beta starts in May and will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. We will be posting updates and key information about the second beta closer to the time on all of our channels.

“Thank you once again Commanders!”

Fleet Carriers – End of Beta #1

At 12pm on the 20th April 2020 Frontier announced the end of the first Beta for Fleet Carriers.

“Greetings Commanders,

“The Fleet Carriers Update – Beta 1 has now closed!

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the beta. Throughout this beta you helped us make major changes towards improving the functionality of Fleet Carriers with your fantastic feedback and diligent testing. During Beta 1 we reduced upkeep costs, updated the debt threshold to relieve pressure on Fleet Carrier management and reduced a number of service costs. To find out more, you can read the feedback changes we posted here.”

“The development team have already started working on remaining feedback and issues you have provided as well as preparing for Beta 2. This second beta starts in May and will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. We will be posting updates and key information about the second beta closer to the time on all of our channels.”

“Thank you once again Commanders!”

Fleet Carriers: Beta 1 – Feedback Changes

At 12:31pm on the 15th April 2020 Frontier announced the changes following the release of the Beta for Fleet Carriers. They can be found below, or here. The full breakdown on all the content can be found here.

Greetings Commanders!

Thank you for testing the prototype Drake-Class Fleet Carriers brought to you by the Brewer Corporation. Since the beta’s launch, we’ve been carefully reading and discussing your feedback and are ready to share the upcoming changes. We look forward to hearing more of what you think for the remainder of Beta 1 and in Beta 2 coming next month. All changes are subject to further balancing based on future feedback.

Here are the changes coming this week:

  • The upkeep cost for all additional services will be reduced by 80-90%.
  • Core running costs will be reduced by 50%

Fleet Carriers represent a big investment, with a lot of crew and resources involved. After hearing your concerns, we’ve reduced the upkeep to a more sustainable level. The total running costs for a Fleet Carrier with all services active will be reduced by a total of 85.5%.

  • The debt threshold has been updated in line with the upkeep changes. This means with all services installed, a carrier can go 10 weeks (up from 4) without paying upkeep before being issued a final warning.

This is designed to relieve the pressure of carrier management, leaving more time for focus on other activities. While the debt threshold will be lower, Fleet Carrier owners will have more time to maintain the upkeep costs.

  • The total upfront activation costs of some of the more expensive services will be reduced by 35-45%.

Along with the upkeep changes, this reduces the overall outfitting and maintenance costs of Fleet Carriers.

  • The time between jumps will be dramatically decreased by only requiring 15 minutes for jump preparation and 5 minutes to cool-down.

More frequent jumps will increase the utility of Fleet Carriers overall, allowing them to enhance the owner and visitors’ game-play more easily.

The two changes below will come in the second beta. Additional changes can be expected as more feedback comes in:

  • Universal Cartographics will become available as an optional service.

Similar to Bounty Vouchers, a cut of 25% which will be split 50/50 between the Fleet Carrier’s bank and the service, will be taken from any data sold on the Fleet Carrier. This means owners will effectively only be charged a fee of 12.5% on their own Fleet Carrier. This service will otherwise be the same as Universal Cartographics services found on stations.

  • Tritium will be made at least 2x more effective as a fuel.

In combination with a reduced preparation and cool-down time, this should improve long distance Fleet Carrier travel.

We’re excited to hear what you think of these changes and seeing them in action for the remainder of Beta 1. Thank you for all of your valuable feedback which has helped shape these changes and will drive the rest of the changes made throughout the rest of the beta period. As mentioned above, this next beta will take place in May, and will be available to Xbox and PlayStation as well as PC players.

Fleet Carriers: Beta 1 – Patch #1

On Tuesday the 7th April at 8:02pm Frontier released the first patch for the Fleet Carriers Beta release:

Greetings Commanders,

We’ll be releasing a small patch at 19:15 (UTC) to correct an issue where players crash when entering the Agarthe system. The server downtime will be approximately 15 minutes.

Thank you again for all of your feedback and testing, keep up the great work!

Fleet Carriers: Live Beta & Patch Notes

Updated: 7th April at 10:05pm

The Beta for Fleet Carriers is now live and will run until the 20th April 2020. The Beta patch notes can be found below, ir on the Frontier website. You can participate in the Fleet Carriers Beta feedback by visiting the Frontier forum, here.

For additional information, please check the following:

> New Features

Fleet Carriers

  • Fleet Carriers are massive ships used as a mobile base of operations, offering multiple landing pads and various services.
  • Fleet Carriers cost 5 billion credits.
  • Players can purchase a Fleet Carrier from starports with a Carrier Vendor contact.
  • Fleet Carriers come with 16 landing pads, 8 large, 4 medium and 4 small.
  • Fleet Carrier owners can manage docking permissions to determine who can land on their Fleet Carrier.
  • Fleet Carriers can jump up to 500ly.
  • Fleet Carriers use the new commodity, Tritium, to perform a jump.
  • Owners can install a variety of services on a Fleet Carrier to support their play style.
  • Fleet Carriers have a weekly upkeep cost which must be maintained to keep the carrier running.
  • Fleet Carriers have player controlled commodity markets which the owner can use to buy and sell goods.
  • Fleet Carrier owners can also set tariffs on some of the services they offer to help pay their running costs.
  • Fleet Carriers can be customised, similar to regular ships, with items bought with ARX.

> Bug Fixes


  • Players will now receive ARX for killing scavengers.


  • The Discovery Scanners full system scan SFX no longer triggers in the store.
  • Fixed the issue which would cause the damage alarm in Guardian Fighters to get stuck on a loop.
  • Fixed the missing sound on a Large AX Multicannon.
  • Fixed some missing voice over when requesting to dock.


  • The Beluga Liner and Cobra Mk IV can no longer be selected in the Livery unless the player has the Horizons DLC.
  • Fixed the “Tail 4” part of the Federal Gunship Ship Kit so that it aligns with the ship.
  • Fixed the worn paint on the Diamondback Explorer Ship Kit pieces.
  • Fixed the Krait Phantom Thruster that was being obstructed by Ship Kit piece, Tail 1.


  • Fixed a crash which could sometimes occur when entering Multicrew.
  • Fixed an occasional crash that would happen after the Multicrew report screen.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when attempting to accept two Multicrew invites.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by accessing the Power Play interface while in Hyperspace.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when the Role Switch Panel was accessed in CQC.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur in the Livery after using a Fighter.
  • Visited stars cache data will no longer be lost if the game crashes.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the game to stutter in areas of the galaxy with a high density of stars.
  • Improved network performance of NPC Fighters and ships to reduce network lag.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that occurred when attempting to load back into an AX Conflict Zones in close proximity to an Asteroid Belt.

Background Simulation and Galaxy

  • Added the Gamescom Prize to rename “Wregoe WF-F d11-30” to “Cheltojo System GC19”.
  • Corrected data for HIP83701 to show its population in the Galaxy Map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused System Authority ships to be found in Supercruise in anarchy systems.

Conflict Zoness

  • Fixed an issue which could cause Conflict Zones to end abruptly.
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally wouldn’t register your choice when picking a side.
  • Fixed the issue where objectives were missing when dropping into Conflict Zones.


  • Fixed the issue where the NPC Crew could stop responding to orders in Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes stopped NPC Fighters being deployed.


  • Locations discovered using the DSS will now be listed in the System Map correctly after returning to a system.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause discoveries in the Codex to show the wrong image.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause Surface Data to generate in the background at such a low priority that it would stop.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when accessing the Codex while in the Shipyard, input would still be passed through causing players to accidentally sell ships.
  • Fixed a softlock where it was possible to select two contacts in your Contacts List when using a gamepad and keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped some Multicrew messages from being deleted from the inbox.
  • Fixed the issue where occasionally the player could lose access to the Main Menu Chat Panel.
  • Added the targeting schematics for Imperial Capital ships.
  • Combat Aftermath scenarios now have a variety of ships, not always an Anaconda.
  • Agronomic Treatment is now shown under the Chemicals section of the Galaxy Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the inbox would incorrectly display 1 unread message even if they had all been read.
  • Fixed a bug where players would drop out of Supercruise too close to starports.


  • Added the missing text at the Technology Broker unlock screen for the Thargoid Interceptor Bobblehead.
  • Fixed an overlapping text issue on the Mission board in Russian.
  • System State names now wrap onto a second line to avoid localised text being cut off.
  • Fixed localisation of Tourist Beacon text in Portuguese.
  • Fixed a grammar issue in Reputation Change inbox message.
  • Updated titles for NPCs.
  • Fixed an unlocalised “Signals Detected” message that was displayed when scanning bodies.
  • Fixed a cut off string in the Kick Player pop-up.
  • Added missing text for damaged Megaships in the Navigation Panel.
  • Crime Victim Data is now localised in the Player Journal


  • Added a fix for Crystalline Clusters falling through the floor.
  • Implemented a fix that will stop Core Mining Fragments from penetrating into Asteroids.


  • The ‘Total Units Needed’ will now update in the Commodity Market as Collect Missions progress.
  • Delivery Mission Cargo is now marked as ‘Mission Specific’ to prevent the Commodity Market showing the commodity as mission required.
  • Added a MissionAccepted event in the Player Journal for missions obtained outside of the Mission Board (eg Palin’s mission).
  • Corrected some misleading mission text which implied that Retreat Missions would help a Faction leave a system, which was the exact opposite of what was happening. These now indicate that Retreat Missions might prevent a retreat.
  • Added depot support to Solo mining missions.


  • Fixed the issue which caused the Gunner Role to lose control of Weapon Turrets after entering or exiting a location.
  • Fixed an issue which meant subsequent Mulitcrew invites would not work, and would incorrectly show if a player did not have the Horizons DLC.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Conflict Zones spawning ships if a Multicrew player was present.
  • Added in a fix for Multicrew players being disconnected after dropping out of Supercruise.


  • Increased the chance of players meeting previously encountered players when revisiting systems in a session.
  • Players can now block any player, not just friends or pending friends.

New Player Experience

  • Players won’t be asked to target an enemy ship if they already have it targeted.
  • Fixed the issue which incorrectly told players they were leaving the test area when they weren’t.
  • Fixed an issue where System Authority Ships could jump into the combat tutorial.
  • Fixed the Intro Tutorial’s Sidewinder sometimes displaying 119/120 cargo capacity.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the tunnel section in the intro tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug in the SRV tutorial which could cause the player to get stuck if they land too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn’t always register when players flew through the first check point.


  • Reduced mass of the size 1 Meta Alloy Hull Reinforcement Package.
  • Fixed an issue where after applying synthesis on the Advanced Multicannon, the synthesis would be removed when you used the Advanced Maintenance to restock any other Modules (Mines/AFMU etc.).


  • Added a fix to stop starport interiors from picking up light from stars.
  • Fixed the visible line in the Millky Way.


  • Fixed a small graphical error on exterior of the Beluga Liner.
  • Fixed an issue on the Viper MK IV which meant the paint work could never be fully repaired.
  • Fixed a small graphical error on the exterior of the Orca.


  • Added a fix for Squadron applications that were still showing after being accepted/declined.


  • Fixed a broken terrain issue at some Thargoid Ruins sites.


  • Fixed Thargoid Interceptors not using their special weapons when near a Planet’s Surface.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes stop players being credited correctly for participating in a Thargoid Interceptor kill.

Please note that these Patch Notes are for the Fleet Carriers Update Beta 1, and not reflective of the final Fleet Carriers Update Patch Notes.

Fleet Carriers – Reveal!

Updated: 2nd April 2020 @ 9:13pm

The following details were taken from the 2nd April 2020 pre-recorded stream, due to Covid-19, where Frontier made a full presentation of the upcoming Fleet Carriers release. Luke Betterton and Dav Stott.

> Introduction

    • There are quite a lot of moving parts in Fleet Carriers, transcations, server mechanisms and live operations helped by the server team.
    • Frontier have done away with the direct association with squadrons which was the original idea.
    • They have a 500 light year jump range, but if you’re “careful with your fuel you can get back again”.
    • Changes since the original delay, added new loadouts that hopefully make them more personal to the player and the playstyle.
    • Fleet Carriers are built by Brewer Corporation who build stations. There are roughly 12  manufacturing locations, which can be found in game, around large industrial hubs.
    • Once bought the system map will show the location of your fleet carrier. 4 medium, 4 large and 8 small landing pads.
    • Ships are powered by tritium which is the new in-game fuel and this can be found by places who create their own, or by surface and sub-surface deposits on icy asteroids.
    • The carrier can handle 25,000 units of ‘stuff’ which could be, modules, markets and/or installed services.
    • All of the below and much more can be found in the Pilots Handbook

> Fleet Carrier Features

  • The Fleet Carrier Services Menu
    • Once a Fleet Carrier has been bought the player will be greeted by the Fleet Carrier Service menu which is a unique menu for the owner of the Fleet Carrier.
      • Service Tariff & Fuel Levels
      • Set Route (if any)
      • Crew Lounge
      • Redemption Office
      • Tritium Depot
      • Shipyard
      • Black Market
      • Commodity Services
      • Carrier Management
      • Outfittingfleect_carrier_service_menu>
  • Carrier Management Service Menu
    This menu allows you to directly control many aspects of your fleet carrier which are listed as icons down the left side of the screen.

    • Summary Tab
      • This tab gives the player a brief overview of their carriers current capabilities listing the space taken up by modules, markets (used space), markets (allocated space), installed services and free space.
      • It also lists available services, the security rating in the current system it is docked in and whether carrier administration is available in the current system.
    • Navigation Tab
      • This shows the current location, the amount of fuel and the current jump range of the carrier.
      • If certain planets are already discovered in a system, players will be able to jump to them individually.
      • Importantly it allows players to issues orders to crew to jump to your chosen destination.
      • Even when you are off line your carrier will still functioncarrier_management_navigation
    • Budget Tab
      • There’s a high cost to running a Fleet Carrier, but these numbers should be very manageable to high end players
      • Budget Screen shows you your current balance as well as your carrier bank balance. Funds can be transerred between the two.
      • The weekly upkeep is shown via:
        • Core Costs
        • Optional Costs and number of jumps
      • The Fleet Carrier owner can set a tariff and earn a profit for providing specific services in the system their are located.
      • If you run out of money then ultimately some transactions will work and some will not. Ultimately if you can’t maintain your weekly cost then you will run into debt which can be paid off. It is described as ‘fair’.

budget screen>

  • Commodity Trading
    • This allows players to request to buy, or sell specific commodities e.g. 2 gold, at a certain price, which can be fulfilled by other players, not NPCs. This is Player to Player Trading.
    • Carriers will not support a ‘dumping price’, unlike stations where commodities can be sold en masse for very little financial gain.
    • The amount sold or bought is fully in control of the carrier owner.
    • The storage capacity and the balance required to purchase the items will automatically be reserved.
    • This will allow players to store their commodities, up to 25k capacity.
    • The fleet carrier owner can set a purchase order or sell items in the same way as a normal commodities market


  • Advanced Maintenence
    • Works in the same way as the normal set of services with updated UI.advanced_maintenance
  • Crew Services


    • This screen is used to hire new crew and fit new services.
    • Other non-standard services come at different costs and include many things you can do at a normal star port:
      • Refuel Station

        • No current information
      • Repair Crews
        • No current information
      • Armoury
        • No current information
      • Redemption Office
        • This allows players to hand in vouchers and bonds to the contact on the carrier for a cut, which goes to the owner of the fleet carrier. The player gets the rest of the money. This means players dont have to travle back to the jurisdiction of the faction that issued the said item.
      • Shipyard
        •  This allows players to buy the same version of shipyards across the galaxy, but allows the carrier owner to buy and sell ships for prices they deem fit. There is a finite number available for the stock price, plus the tariff set by the owner. Players will still be able to store sell, part exchange and transfer ships.


      • Outfitting Stock
        • Players can fit an outfitting service. Players dont get to choose individual modules, but do get to choose specific themes of modules. This works in the same way as you would in space station servicescrew_services_shipyard_stock>
      • Secure Trading
        • The secure warehouse is near a 1 to 1 copy of the Commodity Market, but with one important difference. Stolen goods can be either taken to a star port taking it do a black market – or you could give it to someone who owns a fleet carrier and give you the credits for it.commodities_P2P_trading
      • Livery
        • There are lots of different options as there are with standard ships.
      • Settings
        • The owner can set individual access to other players via the settings menu including:
          • Docking Access
            • Squadron
            • Friends
            • Squadron and Friends
            • None
            • Notorious Commander Access (PvE or PvP access)
            • Choose your Fleet Carrier player activity types: Anti-Xeno, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Explorer, Piracy, Search & Rescue, Salvage, Mining, Trader, Smuggler.
          • Decommission Fleect Carrier: You can refund a portion of the value or your carrier and all your servicesand it gives you a week should you wish to change your mind. It will allows other players who have stored items on a decomissioned carrier to remove them.
    • Services can also be sold back to starports, or if you dont want to get rid of a service entirely you can suspend the service. So for a long range journey a player might want to suspend some of them. These will then be taken off the ship for a much reduced cost.
  • Remote Carrier Management
    • Players with a carrier can remotely manage their carrier from the ship they are currently flying via the ‘Carrier Management’  button in the right-hand cock-pit panel. This will take you to the same screen as you’d get on board the carrier itself. You can also issue navigation orders to catch you up.remote_management>
  • Carrier Jumping
    • At present there is an hour build up and cool down for a carrier jumping. Audio notifications will be given locally to let players know when and where the carrier will be jumping to.

> Questions

Q. Why are Fleet Carriers such a large investment?
A. Fleet Carriers are massive vessels, which have crew and services with the ability to impact the owner’s experience, but also the experience of other commanders from across the galaxy. It’s a huge responsibility aimed at experienced commanders with the time and credits to maintain and manage these mammoth vessels, offering potential services to many different players.

Q. Other than Fleet Carriers, what else will be included in this update?
A. Fleet Carriers are of course taking the main stage for this update, but it will also include several fixes from the Issue Tracker. Keep an eye on our forums as we will be publishing the Fleet Carrier Update – Beta 1 – Patch Notes in the coming days.

Q. How will Fleet Carriers interact with Powerplay, and the BGS?
A. Fleet Carriers won’t directly affect Powerplay or the BGS and therefore won’t include a Power Contact. However, the owner can still use their Fleet Carrier to benefit players coordinating to change the state of given systems. For example, if a system needs certain commodities, Fleet Carriers can load up on supplies and transport them to the system in question. Fleet Carriers provide new opportunities to interact with existing systems and we’re excited to see what you achieve with them!

Q. How might an explorer fund their Fleet Carrier’s upkeep costs?
A. Whilst Elite Dangerous’ top traders might want to turn their Fleet Carrier into a trading post that turns a profit, we expect most Fleet Carriers to be fitted in ways that help players do what they enjoy in the game. For example, explorers who have accrued large sums of cash, they’ll be able to take a Fleet Carrier and ferry it out to the remote regions of the galaxy and explore never-before seen locations. Equally, explorers could set their Fleet Carrier up as a trading post in a convenient location to turn a profit while they engage in other activities.

Q. What will happen if you are unable to access the game, and your Fleet Carrier gets decommissioned?
A. Fleet Carriers come with a lot of responsibility and maintenance, and if for some reason the owner can not access the game for a period of time, they can set in place several ways to stop their Fleet Carrier being decommissioned. As it will take a lot of debt for a Fleet Carrier to be decommissioned, the owner can make sure there is enough funds in the bank to cover costs over a lengthy period of time. The owner can also reduce costs by suspending or completely deactivating services entirely, minimising the outgoings. Certain services can also be set up to generate income in a system with a high traffic for supplies, generating income for the Fleet Carrier over time.

If these options fail and the Fleet Carrier gets decommissioned, the owner will still receive a ‘salavage cost’ for the Fleet Carrier. If a Fleet Carrier is decommissioned, the owner will receive a salvage cost equal to a portion of the purchase price plus any additions such as modules or other items stored on it.

Q. Will any in-game discounts be applied when purchasing a Fleet Carrier?
A. Only Commanders with ‘Kickstarter Outfitting’ or with the Founder Tier (and higher) discount will receive a discount when they purchase a Fleet Carrier. Fleet Carriers cannot enter or be bought from permit-locked systems (including Shinrarta Dezhra).

Q. How do you obtain Tritium?
A. Tritium cannot be refined from other minerals and is instead obtained from directly mining ice asteroids, or being purchased from some starports. Be warned, Tritium is a commodity and therefore can be stolen or lost like any other commodity!

Q. What happens if your Fleet Carrier jumps into a system and runs out of fuel?
A. Fleet Carrier owners will need to plan their trips carefully as there are high risks in being stranded, especially with a vessel that can jump 500ly away. Tritium can also be stored on the Fleet Carrier. Visiting commanders may also stop by to donate fuel or sell it to the Fleet Carrier, providing more fuel for jumps!

Q. Will Fleet Carriers be persistent in the universe? Even if you are offline or play in Solo Mode?
A. Fleet Carriers themselves are persistent in the galaxy across all game modes, whether you are online or not, and player ships docked at one are subject to the usual normal game mode and matchmaking rules. If a Commander docks on a Fleet Carrier in Solo which then decides to jump to a new system, the commander who is docked will jump with the Fleet Carrier, even though they are in Solo.

Q. Can Fleet Carriers be stolen by other Players?
A. No, other players cannot steal a Commander’s Fleet Carrier.

Q. How many landing pads are there, and will it be possible to store ships on Fleet Carriers?
A. Fleet Carriers have 16 landing pads for the owner and fellow commanders to use. If the Fleet Carrier has the Shipyard Service, commanders will also be able to store their ships onboard (these ships do not use up any additional capacity, the Shipyard handles this for you). The landing and storage of ships acts in the same way as regular starports.

Q. Can Thargoids attack Fleet Carriers?
A. No, Fleet Carriers do not attack Thargoids, and Thargoids do not attack Fleet Carriers.

Q. What is the Fleet Carrier jump process?
A. Fleet Carriers and their crew need to make preparations before the vessel begins its Hyperspace Jump. The preparations will take one hour to complete, and whilst this is happening, all Commanders in the vicinity will receive several alerts throughout the countdown, warning them of the time left until the jump commences. When the Fleet Carrier arrives at its destination, there will be a one hour cooldown before it can begin preparations to jump again. We’d love to hear your feedback on these timescales during the betas!

Q. Can anyone store commodities in a Fleet Carrier?
A. Only the Fleet Carrier owner can transfer commodities into the Fleet Carrier’s personal storage and back again, similar to how cargo transfer works between SRV’s and ships.

Q. Are Fleet Carrier names unique?
A. Fleet Carrier names are not unique across the galaxy and can be changed by the owner. However, each Fleet Carrier has a unique callsign that appears on the Navigation Panel which cannot be changed.

Q. Are Fleet Carriers manually controlled from a bridge?
A. No, Fleet Carriers are not manually piloted by the player and instead, manned by a Deck Officer who helps oversee the operations and running of the Fleet Carrier crew and services.

Q. Can a Fleet Carrier go into Supercruise?
A. Fleet Carriers do not use Supercruise to travel, and instead use Hyperspace Jumps to navigate through the galaxy.

Q. Can you sell Guardian Weapons or Modules from a Fleet Carrier?
A. No, it will not be possible to sell materials, Rare Goods or modules that need unlocking from Fleet Carriers.

Q. Does the Fleet Carrier’s economy affect the surrounding system’s economy?
A. The Fleet Carrier is an independent vessel and will not affect any system’s economy.

Q. What happens if a Commander attacks a Fleet Carrier?
A. Fleet Carriers act in the same way as stations, outposts and planet ports, if they are attacked they will fire back to eliminate the threat with onboard turrets.

Q. Can you buy multiple Fleet Carriers?
A. A Commander can only own one Fleet Carrier at a time, however, if the owner decides to decommission their Fleet Carrier they can purchase another one.

Q. What happened to the support vessels?
A. We examined the concept of predefined load-outs through the use of support vessels, but they restricted the level of customisation that we wanted Fleet Carriers to have. We removed the support vessels and changed it so that Fleet Carrier owners had more control of the Fleet Carriers’ customisation.

Q. Can a Fleet Carrier and a Capital Ship jump alongside each other?
A. No, Fleet Carriers and Capital Ships will not be able to jump alongside each other.

Q. How much control does a Fleet Carrier owner have over a Fleet Carrier’s destination?
A. If a location is selected directly from the Galaxy Map, the Fleet Carrier will orbit the first available interstellar body. If a location is selected from the System Map, the Fleet Carrier owner can specify which body they want the Fleet Carrier to orbit, providing there are not too many other Fleet Carriers orbiting the same location.

Q. Can the owners remotely manage their Fleet Carrier?
A. Fleet Carrier owners can use the Remote Fleet Carrier Management option in the Internal Panel on their ship to access Fleet Carrier Management Services.

Q. Can we visually customize our Fleet Carrier?
A. Similarly to other ships in the game, you will be able to customise your Fleet Carrier through the onboard Livery.

Q. Can Fleet Carriers land on planets?
A. No, Fleet Carriers cannot land on planets.

Q. Will Carriers have the same gameplay interactions as Megaships? ie Turrets, Data Terminals, Comms Array, and Cargo Bay
A. No, most of the interactions will happen once a Commander has docked on a Fleet Carrier.

Q. Can Fleet Carriers be used in conjunction with Rescue Vessels at damaged starports?
A. Fleet Carriers can support Commanders as they go to help damaged starports, but they can not directly aid Rescue Vessels at these damaged starports.

Q. Can I manufacture commodities for trading on a Fleet Carrier?
A. Fleet Carriers only deal with trading commodities and do not have the facilities to make, grow or manufacture any goods.

Q. If the market onboard can be set by the player, what happens if the player decides to sell narcotics etc. and then jumps to a system where they are illegal?
A. It is up to the Fleet Carrier owner if they would like to sell and buy goods that are illegal in that system. Although the Fleet Carrier itself will not get into trouble for selling illegal goods, any ships caught carrying illegal goods can be caught by the System Authority surrounding the Fleet Carrier

Q. Can Fleet Carriers be ordered to jump into unexplored systems?
A. Yes! If a Fleet Carrier jumps to an unexplored system it will target the primary star as its destination.

Q. Will a log of Fleet Carrier actions be kept, similar to the CMDR journal for player actions?
A. There will not be a dedicated Fleet Carrier Journal, but a Commander’s Journal will include some of the transactions that they might have with a Fleet Carrier.

Q. Can players steal from Fleet Carriers in the same way goods can be stolen from Megaships and Installations?
A. No, Fleet Carriers do not have any external cargo bays.

Q. Can I open a Black Market on my Fleet Carrier?
A. Yes, Fleet Carriers have an additional service that allows Commanders to trade stolen goods.

Q. Can Squadrons pool money to purchase a Fleet Carrier (with the squadron creator being the owner of the carrier)?
A. It is not possible to donate credits to a specific Commander.

Q. Which aspects of Fleet Carriers are subject to feedback and suggested changes during the beta?
A. Similar to our previous beta, we appreciate every piece of feedback that you contribute to the development of the Fleet Carrier Update. We need Commanders to come together and test both the durability and functionality of Fleet Carriers as both owners and visitors to ensure a successful launch.

Fleet Carriers – Content Reveal, Beta & Release

On the 26th March 2020 at 2:14pm Frontier announced further information, the date of Beta’s and a rough date for reliease for the much anticipated and delayed, Fleet Carriers. Frontier’s post can be seen below and on the official site, here.

For all currently known information on Fleet Carriers, visit the dedicated page, here.

“Greetings Commanders,

“We’re thrilled to announce that the first look at the upcoming Fleet Carrier update will be coming to your screens on Thursday, 2 April! Lead Server Developer, Dav Stott, and Game Designer, Luke Betterton, will join us on a special video to talk us through what these vast vessels are and how they’ll be shaking up the galaxy!

“Since the initial reveal of Fleet Carriers, we’ve examined the concept of predefined load-outs and decided to invest additional time to ensure that fleet carriers offer the same level of flexibility and customization as other ships within Elite Dangerous. We’ve done this by adding more loadout options to make your carrier unique, and allow for player-to-player interaction like you’ve never seen before in Elite Dangerous!

“Squirming in your cockpit chair wanting to know more details? Here is some key information on Fleet Carriers – but for the entire content reveal, tune in to our Pre-Recorded Stream on YouTube, on 2 April at 18:00 (UTC). Although we won’t be live, our team will be there in the chat to answer any questions that you may have.

  • One of your most frequent questions about Fleet Carriers was: How much do they cost? Fleet Carriers will be a lucrative investment, costing 5,000,000,000cr at launch.​
  • Fleet Carriers are individually owned and feature 16 landing pads (of varying sizes) for other players to dock at.​

  • Fleet Carriers use a new fuel, Tritium, to jump from system to system.​

  • Fleet Carriers have a max jump range of 500LY at one time, with the ability to jump whenever the owner wants, however, they will have a build up and cool down period between jumps.​

  • You can manage your carrier’s finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it’s market.​

“As it currently stands, we’re aiming to launch the Fleet Carriers update in June and will be calling all commanders to experience Fleet Carriers (as both visitors and owners) in two upcoming public betas before the update is live! The first beta will begin on 7 April for PC only, and the second beta which will be launched on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, will take place in May. Please note that there is a chance that these time frames may change slightly in the coming weeks, but we’ll keep you up to date on the specific times, dates and instructions.

“See you there, Commanders.”