New Player Minor Faction System

On the 25th July 2018 Frontier announced some changes to the way the player minor faction system works. You can see this below or here.

Greetings Commanders,

We’re pleased to announce that, starting today, we’re implementing a new and revamped application system for Player Minor Factions.

In re-working the original system for applying for a player minor faction, we are now able to process player minor faction applications with more efficiency and speed. Ultimately, this means that you’ll see your minor factions in-game sooner than before!

Read below for more information:

Why have a minor faction in Elite Dangerous?

A player minor faction is a way for established Player Groups to represent themselves in-game, pushing the agenda of their groups throughout the galaxy.

Once you have submitted a player minor faction, and have it approved by us at Frontier, your player minor faction will show up in one of the three selected systems of your choosing. Your minor faction’s description will show up in a future update of Elite Dangerous.

You will have to manage your minor faction’s economy, influence, and other galactic threats! Take part in various actions: combat, performing missions, selling exploration data and so on; other Commanders will be able work with or against your minor faction and therefore, your minor faction will be subject to the actions and functions of the Background Simulation (BGS).

I applied for a minor faction before the introduction of this system…

If you have previously submitted a player minor faction application with the older form, then you will have an update on the status of that application in the coming days. It will either be approved, or rejected, and depending you will need to do the following:

…it was approved and added to the game:

You don’t need to do anything; your minor faction is in the game! This system is for new player minor factions only!

…And it was rejected:

You will need to resubmit your player minor faction application with the new system below.

Apply for a player minor faction today!

Before applying for a player minor faction, please ensure you’ve notified us of your Player Group, which you can do by filling out the form here.

To apply for a player minor faction, please click here.

If you want to follow up on any future player minor faction applications, please contact Customer Support here (please allow for 72 hours after submitting your faction application before contacting Customer Support.)

If you have any questions or feedback about the new system, please reply in this thread.

Patch Update: 3.1.3

On the 20th July Frontier released the 3.1.3 patch update, the details of which can be seen below, on the official site or on the Current Features page.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where AI ships could incorrectly attack each other
  • Fixed Thargoid Massacre and Illegal Massacre missions not spawning USS’s when they should
  • Fixed an issue where Faction Bounties were being awarded in PvP instead of Power Bounties
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were not aligning with the correct side and engaging in Powerplay Military Strike Zones

Patch Update: 3.1.2

At roughly 3:12pm on the 11th July 2018 Frontier took down the servers for approximately 30 minutes to update the small 3.1.2 patch. Details are below and on the official website. You can find all patch notes and details of major updates here.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when dropping in to a Military USS
  • Fixed missing Search and Rescue contact text
  • Additional minor optimisations and fixes

Patch Update: 3.1.1

At 10:40am on the 5th July 2017 Frontier released a patch update for the recent Beyond: Chapter 2 release. You can see the details below, on the official forum or on the Elite: Dangerous Current Features part of this website.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed players not being able to hand in a mission after accepting certain mission ‘wrinkles’
  • Fixed some missions appearing incorrectly in the ‘Requirements Not Met’ section of the mission board


  • Rearranged incorrectly placed internal power modules on the Alliance Chieftain, Alliance Challenger and Krait Mk.II

Stability Fixes 

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping from Supercruise into a Covert Combat Mission USS
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping from Supercruise into an instance with a military installation
  • Fixed disconnection issues around certain installations


  • Fixed a “Jump Exceeds Fuel Use Limit” discrepancy when using a Guardian FSD Booster with FSD Injection or white Dwarf/Neutron star boosts


  • Reinstated installations that were causing crashes

Beyond: Chapter 2 – Status Update

On the 29th June Frontier made an update on some issues following the release of Chapter 2.

Hello Commanders,

With the deployment of the 3.1 update yesterday, we have received reports on a few issues and wanted to update you on the steps being made to correct them. For anything that hasn’t been listed here, please report it in our Bug Report section so they can be investigated by our QA team.


  • Collect Wing Missions: We received reports that it is not possible to hand in Collect Wing Missions. The team believe that this is an issue with the mission template and we are working on a server-side fix that will be deployed as soon as possible.
  • Mission Depot: You may have noticed we have added a mission depot for all Collect mission types. There are a few improvements and balance tweaks we want to make to this feature before it works exactly as intended. As this is a server-side template update, it should be deployed as soon as possible. It’s worth mentioning that these balance tweaks will be ongoing, and this kind of depot structure is something we’d like to bring to future mission types and templates.
  • Missing Missions: Missions that were taken on (and still active) during 3.0 have been removed with the arrival of 3.1. In future, we will endeavour to communicate this with more advanced notice.However, the team are working on returning the following missions types:

Returned Mission Templates

  • Long Distance Courier
  • Long Distance Delivery
  • Long Distance Passenger (Bulk, VIP, Sight Seeing)
  • Long Distance Smuggle
  • Passenger (Bulk, VIP, Sight-Seeing)
  • Ram Tah Missions

For other mission templates, affected Commanders will receive a credit refund and an inbox message outlining the amount (based on average earnings, plus a bonus, for each mission type.) 

These issues are server-side fixes so will not require an update and will be deployed as soon as possible.


Crashing at certain Installations

As detailed here, we have identified that the following installations are causing players to crash:

  • Military Installation LFT 926
  • Security Installation Izanagi
  • Military Installation Gridge
  • Security Installation Mandhrithar
  • Military Installation Coeus
  • Military Installation Los
  • Military Installation Randgnid
  • Colonia Bastion Colonia
  • Skulmoor Keep HIP 33368
  • The Golkonda Polevnic
  • The Sentinel Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55

As a temporary measure, we have removed these installations as we work on a fix. We’ll keep you updated in this thread.

Guardian FSD Booster

The Guardian FSD Booster is not functioning as intended in specific situations. If commanders attempt to use either the FSD Injector Synthesis or Neutron Star FSD boost, the Guardian module will fail and display ‘Jump Exceeds Drive Fuel Use Limit’ info message.

We’re aiming to deploy a client-side hotfix in the near-future to address the Bodysite Crash and Guardian FSD Booster. We’ll keep you updated in this thread, also.

In the meantime, thank you all for your diligence in reporting these issues, and your patience as we work to get them fixed.


Engineer Stats Not Updating

As of 3.40PM we have resolved an issue where certain player’s stats were not updating in relation to reputation with the Engineers.
Although you won’t see any change as a result of this fix until early next week, you can rest assured that you are still making progress and your transactions will be counted over the weekend, and since launch. They will display correctly at some point early next week.


Hi all. The team have been hard at work at introducing some fixes to some of the issues above.

· Collect Wing Missions – can now be handed in.
· Mission Depot – now tweaked and balanced. Please keep in mind that further tweaks may be necessary.
· Missing Missions – refunds have now been issued for affected Commanders.
· Returned Mission Templates – missions should now appear on transaction tabs.
· Commander stats – should be now updating, including Engineer unlocks. Stats that should have been accrued between 3.1 release and this fix being applied may take a few days to appear.
· Market effects, including Powerplay effects and discounts are now fixed and working.
· FX’17 flight suit – can now be applied.

Thank you all for your patience while we continue to work on any issues you’re experiencing. Thanks again for all your feedback.